Afri-Pop Pop Shop In NYC feat @Rue114 , @Dpipertwins @Icaf_Africa , and more


Saturday, Feb. 28th from 12pm – 7pm at 311 W. Broadway (Between Grand and Canal) the International Coalition for African Fashion I-Caf will be presenting the Afri Pop Shop which will include several independent designers that create pieces with African fabrics and are influenced by African culture. Designers include; Jaalyi, Kain’Fri NY, The Urban Maasai, […]

#28DaysofCosplay is one of the coolest hashtags for black history month


Black comic enthusiasts have created the coolest hashtag on Twitter, #28DaysofCosplay which shows and encourages black people dressing up in their favorite comic book characters! No need to wait for Comic Con to reminisce about your favorite characters when you can scroll the hashtag and find and appreciate your heroes in color. For more inspiration, […]

Texas Republicans wants school to ‘disinvite’ Angela Davis, claims she’s radical and unamerican


Ugh, republicans stay mad. It’s black history month and Texas Tech invited Angela Davis to speak about the system and injustice complexes of our prison system.  Of course republicans are up in arms and here we thought they were pro Bill of Rights.  The typical conversations from backwards republicans included painting her as an angry […]

So in Photoshop fail news, @InStyle gave @KerryWashington the Renee Zellweger filter for their cover


I don’t even know what I’m looking at. At first glance it looks like Thandie Newton or Gabrielle Union maybe  but it’s Kerry Washington!  The editors at InStyle thought it would be cool to combine all the acceptable black women they find attractive and add them to Kerry Washington’s body (if that’s actually her body). […]

Instagram Famous: Also Known As @VaJiaJia Talks Art and Social Media


Gone are the days of only being deemed curator worthy by art industry peers, all you need now is your phone and a vision. Jia Jia Fei who does social media for the Guggenheim museum is Instagram famous. She not only gets to photograph and tweet the art that’s at the Guggenheim but she’s also […]

Angela Davis Speaks on Racism and Police Militarization at Annual MLK Jr. Convocation

Reading Angela Davis’ works always leaves me in awe. I admire her resilience and passion she has for fighting for equality and justice, even if it means risking her own life. For those that don’t know, Davis was one a member of the black panther party and now teaches law and fights against injustice incarceration. […]

Bazaar’s Guide to Black Girl Beauty


Bazaar’s Guide to Black Girl Beauty Harper’s Bazaar wrote an interesting article about black beauty and maintenance and while it’s refreshing to know that a mainstream and posh magazine took the time out to share beauty tips, I couldn’t help but feel a smidge slighted. I’m not sure why, but getting my hair dyed at […]

In case you missed D’angelo on SNL, here’s the videos

D'angelo !!1

D’angelo is back! And if you missed him at AfroPunk, here’s full videos of his live performance last night on SNL. D’angelo is making it no secret on how he feels about current race relations in our country either. The soul singer crooner had his backup singers wear #Icantbreathe and #blacklivesmatter tees during his performances. […]

23 Mind Twisting Paintings You Won’t Believe


Surrealism meets romance and modern optical illusions. Canadian artist, Rob Gonsalves, creates mind blowing works of art which are well planned optical illusions. You may be looking at one section of the painting which than morphs into something that seems irrational and out of this world! Optical illusion are fascinating! They also teach us about […]

When makeup and art meet: Makeup that needs its own exhibit


BuzzFeed posted this really cool post about beautiful makeup that’s so artistic and intricate it should be in a museum. And I agree. Some labels aren’t shying away from creating grand packaging because people like me when I’m not broke, eat it up. Here’s some products that made the list. Hourglass This eyeshadow palette is […]