‘Separate Cinema’: Unsettling and gorgeous posters from the age of segregated movies


The images on this page come from a remarkable book that came out late last year,Separate Cinema: The First 100 Years of Black Poster Art, by John Duke Kisch; it’s an incredibly wide-ranging look at the posters of “black cinema” writ large, a category that includes not just the “race films” shown here but also Birth […]

Flashback: A look at Harlem in the 1970s


      July 1970 Harlem, full of life The people who chose not to move with the great exodus IMAGE: JACK GAROFALO/PARIS MATCH VIA GETTY IMAGES Jack Garofalo (1923-2004), one of the leading photographers for Paris Match magazine, spent six weeks in Harlem, New York, in the summer of 1970. His images were the cover story for Match in […]

Beyonce New Shoes with Giuseppe Zanotti

Are you ready to buy Beyonce’s new shoes? Well you should be because she’s partnering with Giuseppe Zanotti to create a sexy heel. GIUSEPPE ZANOTTI has revealed that he has created a shoe with Beyoncé Knowles, which will be released in just a week or two. K The shoe – predictably considering that neither party is known […]

The Lazy Girl’s Guide to Gorgeous Skin


There’s an interesting article on Women’s Health that gives a guide for lazy girls to maintain healthy, good skin. I agree with it but it’s not very brown friendly so I’d like to add my own edits :mrgreen:. Wear SPF Sounds simple right? Unfortunately most SPF when applied turns our skin ashy. So I recommend […]

Courégges Estee Lauder presents MOD and chic collection


French designer André Courrèges had a vision of beauty as modern, futuristic, and trendy as his clothes. Now Estée Lauder partners with the famed fashion house so you can create your own Courrèges look for today. Tap this stellar cream-gelée highlighter across cheeks, temples, forehead, or chin to illuminate skin for a smooth, luminous finish. […]

Afri-Pop Pop Shop In NYC feat Rue114 , Dpipertwins Icaf_Africa ,and more


Saturday, Feb. 28th from 12pm – 7pm at 311 W. Broadway (Between Grand and Canal) the International Coalition for African Fashion I-Caf will be presenting the Afri Pop Shop which will include several independent designers that create pieces with African fabrics and are influenced by African culture. Designers include; Jaalyi, Kain’Fri NY, The Urban Maasai, […]

#28DaysofCosplay is one of the coolest hashtags for black history month


Black comic enthusiasts have created the coolest hashtag on Twitter, #28DaysofCosplay which shows and encourages black people dressing up in their favorite comic book characters! No need to wait for Comic Con to reminisce about your favorite characters when you can scroll the hashtag and find and appreciate your heroes in color. For more inspiration, […]

Texas Republicans wants school to ‘disinvite’ Angela Davis, claims she’s radical and unamerican


Ugh, republicans stay mad. It’s black history month and Texas Tech invited Angela Davis to speak about the system and injustice complexes of our prison system.  Of course republicans are up in arms and here we thought they were pro Bill of Rights.  The typical conversations from backwards republicans included painting her as an angry […]