When makeup and art meet: Makeup that needs its own exhibit


BuzzFeed posted this really cool post about beautiful makeup that’s so artistic and intricate it should be in a museum. And I agree. Some labels aren’t shying away from creating grand packaging because people like me when I’m not broke, eat it up. Here’s some products that made the list. Hourglass This eyeshadow palette is […]

Highlighters and Bronzing: Making your brown skin glow


Bronzing and highlighting are important techniques to perfecting your best flawless face. Not as hard as contouring (or as harsh)  but with a little practice, you can always achieve the perfect healthy glow. I absolutely love Nars for there multiple sticks and bronzers. My favorite blush/bronzer is LoveJoy because it’s a beautiful brown/pink and my […]

Weeksville: Brooklyn’s oldest free Black American community


For the past few years, Brooklyn has been charmed. From the New York Times to the HBO show Girls, the media has taken to calling this borough “the New Brooklyn,” a place of coffee shops and artisanal wares and gentrifying newcomers paying top price for real estate. Yet one of the most important things happening today in Brooklyn–on […]

Hale Woodruff’s Vibrant Murals Immortalize African-American History


Hale Woodruff, “The Mutiny on the Amistad” (1939), cil on canvas, collection of Savery Library, Talladega College, Talladega, Alabama (all images courtesy Talladega College) If you’ve seen Steven Spielberg’s movie Amistad, you already know this story: in 1838, a 25-year-old enslaved Mendeian named Cinque led a successful revolt aboard the Spanish slave ship La Amistad. […]

Get ​Lupita Nyong’o’s flawless skin with these must-haves


Who doesn’t love Lupita’s skin? Lupita spills the beans on what she uses to maintain her glow. Luckily for us the actress uses products we can all obtain. Her favorite body moisturizer?  Avocado oil. And of course the new face for Lancome loves the foundation, lips gloss and lipsticks from the brand. Who knew Lupita […]

Five Tips for Young Entrepreneurs

Five Tips for Young Entrepreneurs So you’re decided to branch out on your own and you’re going down your checklist of your to-do list.  Here’s 5 tips that all young entrepreneurs should be aware of. Source: Huff Post UK