Nigeria women are the breadwinners in their home but husbands still cheats?

nigerian weddings

“He gets jealous every time he sees me with any man and if he asks for money and I don’t give him, he gets very violent. The painful part was that he beats me in the presence of our children.” More are more women in Nigeria are becoming the breadwinners in their households. With more […]

NY Times writer considers black women angry and #lessclassicallybeautiful

Alessandra Stanley not only writes an article filled with racism and stereotypes but she also forgets to fact check.

First, Alessandra Stanley who writes for the NY Times has a horrible track record for being inaccurate, falsifying stories and just being an irresponsible journalist (but none the less, still maintains her job at the NY Times). In her current piece, she concludes that Shonda Rhimes is an “angry black woman” and she tried it! […]

Schomburg Center presents The Urban Crisis: An Unfinished Agenda


“The time is ripe to revisit the unfinished agenda of the Black Revolt against the urban crisis: What is to be done? The Stop Killer Cops Campaign has a rich yet neglected history from the shooting of black children in Brooklyn in the 1970s to the shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson in 2014. This […]

Study: 40% of police officers admit to using violence against their partner


Should cops that commit domestic violence crimes be allowed to be police officers? You would think not but does the victim always tell when their abuser is a cop? Does anyone believe the victim? According to these recent studies, women that need help from their abusive cop partners struggle to find help legally. Police officers […]

The Costume Institute of the African Diaspora presents first major exhibit

CIAD Tartan exhibiton - poster image

The Costume of African Diaspora (CIAD) presents its biggest exhibit to date with Tartan: Its Journey Through the African Diaspora – uncovers historic tartan pieces that has traveled from Africa, Europe and India. From CIAD: Costume Institute of the African Diaspora has been established to advance the study of costume, clothing and textiles from the […]

In search for afrocentric housewares? Look at these finds

Kara Walker's limited edition pitcher

Kara Walker’s Limited Edition Pitchers Are you searching for housewares that reflects your inner natural diva? Are you infatuated with natural hair tea mugs and afrocentric pieces? I’ve put together a few dope pieces that are my favorites – to check for more follow my Pinterest and Etsy to see what I like (hopefully you […]

Erykah Badu channels Rick James for Instyle’s September Issue

Erykah Badu gets funky for Instyle magazine

Erykah Badu is fine and funky, Texas artist and soul singer channels Rick James in Instyle’s September Issue. The beautiful black and white spread features designers such as calvin Klein, Helmut Lang, Armani and Ricardo Tisci. Love her for this!

Want to design in the Plus Size industry? @MonifC is hiring interns

Monif C. is looking for interns

Monif C. Contemporary Plus Size is looking for fashion interns to focus in Production & Customer Service, to start immediately in NYC. This internship is a unique opportunity to gain hands-on experience in the plus size fashion industry. This internship allows you to work directly with the entire team, work with designers, assist the CEO […]

Beauty Review: Limited Edition Makeup by ONE DIRECTION #makeupby1D


Follow my blog with Bloglovin There’s nothing better than limited edition makeup kits and ONE DIRECTION has released a cute, artistic kit that allows women to release their inner rockstar (or fab groupie). The Take Me Home kit contains a full face of supplies; lipstick, lipgloss, mascara, nail polish, eyeliner, art stencils and eyeshadow. I […]