Ladies don’t be shy, tell your man exactly how you like to play in the bedroom (batteries not included)

Nichele Nichols, before Star Trek was a boot fetish model in the 1950s.

If you’re ready to try something new in the bedroom, toys can provide you and you partner with a bevy of different sensations and intimate experiences. But bringing up the topic to your significant other can be slightly awkward if you’re unsure how they will react, but if you’re both open to it, there are […]

Add Dolluxe Harajuku Eyelashes + Majestical Earrings and get pretty

Majestical Earrings are super trendy and cute.

I absolutely love earrings. I love bold and colorful earrings that speaks about my personality before I say anything – so I was excited when my Majestical Jewelry earrings came in the mail. I like them because they compliment my skin and I’m slowly becoming a fan or tortoise shell hoop earrings. I decided to […]

Oh la la: Essie and Comptoir des Cotonniers come together for a sexy beauty collaboration

Essie and Comptoir des Cotonniers

I love when French designers pair their style and influence with beauty products. Essie and Comptoir des Cotonniers join together to create two ultra feminine and fashionable colors blackcurrant and putty-colored. These colors are why I dream of France often. Because nail varnish is by definition a fashion accessory, Comptoir des Cotonniers has teamed up […]

Another photoshop diet, this time it’s Gabourey Sidibe

Bad photoshop sends a bad message for diet pills". is still using poor photoshopped images of celebrities to promote diet pills. I did a post previously about their ad link on facebook that used the bogus image of Oprah to sell pills. Now the website is using Gabourey Sidibe as their new “transformed” weight loss campaign. The website uses images of celebrities and […]

Here is how to dress like Jem and the Holograms in 2014

Jerrica aka Jem is my favorite cartoon/fashion icon ever in life

This is how you dress like Jem and the Holograms in 2014 by fabulize featuring wedge boots Emilio Pucci lace dress / WHO S WHO blue dress / Versace purple dress / Jean Louis Scherrer long sleeve shirt / Carven sleeveless top / Yves Saint Laurent leather jacket / Balmain black skirt / Michael Kors […]