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Fabulize Magazine is dedicated to highlighting Black and Brown creatives of the African diaspora. Feel free to submit your Kickstarters, fan pages, webcomics, and social media accounts through our submission platform. We are only accepting submission from creatives who navigate as Black or Brown with ancestral connections throughout the African diaspora.

Submission Requirements
You must be the creator of said work
You must submit at least 4 hi-res images (at least 1600×960)
You must submit a description of your work that is at least 350 words. We will edit as needed but you have to provide your own bios and descriptions.
You must include your contact information so fans can contact you.
We don’t accept art that includes extreme harm to women, animals or children.

Email to get featured.

All featured submissions will be labeled as sponsored posts on Fabulize Magazine and on Fabulize’s social media.





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