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About Fabulize Magazine

About Fabulize Mag

I grew up reading magazines. I read every magazine I could get my hand on but I naturally gravitated towards mags that centered on Black people. I was about 14 years old when I decided I wanted to work for a magazine and eventually own one. Between hip-hop magazines and the influence of Queen Latifah’s character on Living Single, I felt it was my destiny to have my own media platform.

Just like Khadijah James, I feel like we have to make media that relates to the people who we are speaking to. I love that I can write in AAVE and the reader gets it! Fabulize looks to highlight stories mainstream media either don’t care about or don’t deem important enough. But that is ok! I love creating content that my readers share and talk about.

What does Fabulize mean?
It’s pronounced Fab-You-Lies.

I’ve always been a nerd and I religiously watched The Simpsons when I was younger. I wanted to have a magazine name that stood out and resonated with people like me. There’s an episode of The Simpsons where Lisa gets dressed up and she asks, “Can’t a girl just Fabulize herself before the big dance.”That stuck with me for a long time because women don’t need reasons to dress up and be fab—we just should do it because we feel like it. So I wanted to take Lisa’s energy and use that as the basis of my media platform. I want to fabulize myself just because I feel like it, not because I am expected to.

What is a blerd?
A black nerd. Not all POC, but Black nerds. Point, blank, periodt.

What is a womanist?

A Black feminist. Why Black feminism?

In mainstream feminism, Black and Brown women’s issues and plights are often ignored and overlooked. Fabulize centers Black and Brown women and creates lifestyle, body-positive, positive parenting, nerd and pop culture content with a Black feminist point of view on pop culture op-eds.

“Womanist is to feminist as purple is to lavendar.”— Alice Walker

Beauty products that center Black and Brown skin always have a home here. Fashion brands that are considerate of plus-size bodies are also appreciated on Fabulize, too.

Fabulize’s MSAB Mixtape Issue is currently a top 100 Best Sellers in African American Art History on Kindle. Feel free to buy a copy and leave a review.


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