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28 Days Of Black Girls In Comics: Adorned By Chi Founder Jacque Aye


28 Days Of Black Girls In Comics: Adorned By Chi Founder Jacque Aye

28 Days of Black Girls in Comics is a celebration of Black women and marginalized people creating epic stories in comics and graphic novels.

It’s day six of #28DaysOfBlackGirlsInComics and it’s exciting to see people thrilled to see this type of content. Let’s get right into it!

Support Black girls in comics: Jacque Aye

Black magical clothing and lifestyle line, Adorned By Chi has been creating community and fashion for Black nerdy girls everywhere. From the anime inspired t-shirts to the intersectional feminism pins, Adorned By Chi continues to make space for marginalized fans across the globe.

Jacque Aye, founder of Adorned By Chi started creating manga that centers Black girls. Her soft Black girl movement allows Black women and girls everywhere to be cute, free and colorful while embracing their favorite fandoms.

In a previous interview with Afropunk, this is what Aye had to say about her company and manga:

I set out to create Adorned by Chi because I wanted to see myself, a young Nigerian-American woman, reflected in the genre I and many others enjoyed so much growing up. It’s been a joy crafting this world and I look forward to expanding my vision with the help of MWM in not only the current merchandise but animation, comics and more!”

Her manga is an African magical girl series that is influenced by Sailor Moon and other magical girl popular manga. Her manga is colorful, warm, and it allows a better look at the imagination of art and creativity of other Black people in the diaspora. We are rooting for Black girls all across the globe!

Word has it that Aye’s manga will become a full anime in the near future. We need more Black women in comics, manga and animation and blerds everywhere should support Aye and her movement.

Support Jacque Aye and #28DaysOfBlackGirlsInComics


Mad ethnic right now...

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