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This Black-Owned Anime-Inspired Perfume Brand Is Bridging Beauty And Fandom Together


This Black-Owned Anime-Inspired Perfume Brand Is Bridging Beauty And Fandom Together

Aishify is a Black-owned beauty brand that caters to anime fans with handmade fragrances that are inspired by anime characters.

Finally you can wear fragrances inspired by your favorite anime.

If you love anime then you know it can take up all the space in your head over time. Get introduced to Aishify—a Black-owned beauty brand delivering perfume and beauty goods inspired by your favorite anime. Whether you are a fan of Sailor Moon or No Hero Academia, you are guaranteed to find something you will enjoy.

Soon, you’ll be thinking about all your favorite anime characters and reimagining how they smell and will find yourself examing the notes of these perfumes. Don’t you dare front as you’ve never thought about what the Sailor Scouts would smell like.

Aishify is a magical-girl brand you want to support. We have to stan anime fans who can come up with a concept we can all appreciate!

According to their website here is how the brand started:

We are Ada and Uche and we are the co-owners of Aishify. We are best friends and sisters who are of Igbo descent and love all things anime, fashion and skincare! In case you were wondering, the name Aishify comes from the combination of the words Aishiteru (which means “I love you” in Japanese) and Ifunanya (which means “love” in Igbo).

So now you probably want to know what are the notes in fragrances, right? Well, here are the notes from their Academic Chaos Line (Body Oil) collection:

Deku’s Tears:
 if you’ve ever wondered what Deku smelled like when he wore that suit to rescue

Bakugo, this is it. Loyalty, determination, and sandalwood!

Bakugo’s Sweat: a sharp, explosive scent! This scent is a burst of energy with an underlying trace of coconut.

Uravity: a sweet scent that’s as adorable as Uraraka’s blush; this scent is calming, gentle and brings to mind thoughts of fruit punch and gummy bears!

Indifferent or Clueless (Shoto) : this scent is bold but gentle; mildly spicy and cool! Shoto’s scent is unwavering, just like his loyalty – but really, was Shoto ignoring the social cues or just unaware of what’s going on?

Dabi Is A Todoroki: change our mind! This electric scent that brings thoughts of fireworks and burnt spearmint leaves is as laid-back and fiery as everyone’s favorite villain.

United States Of Smash: Named after All Might’s Epic Technique; this scent is a whirlwind of melon fruits with a hint of unwavering bravery.

So what are you waiting for? Bring in the New Year with some smell goods inspired by your favorite anime! Shout-out to the Sailor Moon Fans Podcast for introducing Aishify to the masses!


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