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Megan Thee Stallion Shows Off Her Powerpuff Girls Inspired Nails


Megan Thee Stallion Shows Off Her Powerpuff Girls Inspired Nails

Megan There Stallion took to social media to show off her nails which were inspired by The Powerpuff Girls.

Hot Girl queen and Grammy-nominated rapper Megan Thee Stallion flaunted her latest nail design on Instagram and Twitter. In true hottie and nerdy fashion, she donned a fresh set of The Powerpuff Girls inspired nails that grabbed the attention of blerdy girls across the internet.

The signature pink hearts with the cool kaleidoscopic effect is a callout to The Powerpuff Girls fans everywhere. The hot pink with hearts is an ideal aesthetic for hot girls everywhere and Meg ain’t the only one rocking them.

Black girls took to social media to upload their Powerpuff Girls inspired nails and as you can see, all the interpretations are fly.

Being a Black girl is so dope.

Megan continues to make nerd gatekeepers pressed every time she expressed her love for a particular fandom. Fortunately, this time around, Black girls everywhere can relate to enjoying the pint-sized superheroes from yesteryear. The Powerpuff Girls captivated millions of kids across the world with their spunky attitudes, bright aesthetic and relatable stories of balancing girlhood and always saving the world.

However, most folks who like The Powerpuff Girls also like Sailor Moon and we already know that Megan is not a fan of the sailor scouts (I know, it’s so heartbreaking!)

So what do you think about her nails? Do you like them? Can you see yourself rocking some Powerpuff Girl nails?


Mad ethnic right now...

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