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Graphic Novel Crema Combines Romance, Ghosts And Coffee


Graphic Novel Crema Combines Romance, Ghosts And Coffee

Graphic Novel Crema Combines Romance, Ghosts And Coffee

Crema is a Comixology Originals’ graphic novel where romance meets, ghost and caffeine.

Romance, Ghosts And Coffee?

I’ll be the first to admit that romance novels isn’t really my thing but if it’s a genre-bending romance that overlaps in science fiction, fantasy, horror and even mystery then I will give it a second glance. However, what caught my interest in Crema was the art. It’s just a beautiful book and I feel like I need to have it as soon as possible.

According to Hollywood Reporter Crema is a story about complicated relationships, ghosts and coffee?

Yeah coffee!

The description is sorta funky so I’m all in now. Here’s how Hollywood Reporter described the novel:

The story is told in three chapters, “The Last Roast,” “The Grind,” and “Brew,” and centers around Esme, a Brooklyn barista with a secret: when she drinks too much coffee, she can interact with ghosts. When she meets the ghost of an Old-World nobleman in the basement of her coffee shop, will it impact her burgeoning relationship with Yara, heiress of the coffee bean provider Cherry Mountain Farm — and, if so, how?

As reported by Hollywood Reporter

Say what now? This sounds kinda bugged out. Which makes me more interested. Since I haven’t read it, I decided to Google the author and I found out he’s doing a few comics and graphic novels including an interesting one called Tartarus that’s available on Image Comics.

This graphic novel was released a week ago and after viewing I’m going to get it. I love a LGBTQ+ graphic novel and the premise of the center of all the action is a coffee shop is genius to me. It also wants to me reconsider the amount of coffee I drink because if I saw ghosts—baby!

I’m going to get it and give you all an update when I can. I can’t wait to read the entire thing.


Mad ethnic right now...

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