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4 Black Authors To Read If You Love Netflix’s Bridgerton


4 Black Authors To Read If You Love Netflix’s Bridgerton

If you are a fan of Bridgerton on Netflix then you need to add these books to your library right now.

You’ve probably seen lots of memes and gifs regarding the beautiful cast of Netflix’s Bridgerton on social media by now. If you aren’t aware, thee one and only Shonda Rhimes has taken her talents to Netflix where she has produced the steamy, royal romance series.

Bridgerton is hot and messy.

You read that right. Bridgerton is messy boots. But without spoiling it for you, the biggest takeaways are that it’s royal, lusty and a mental getaway from the present. For some of us who enjoy historical romance, we find ourselves always asking, where are the Black people?

While the Bridgerton books by author Julia Quinn doesn’t feature Black people and the author isn’t Black herself, we thought it would be cool to feature some Black authors who are writing Regency-themed romance novels. While Quinn is enjoying the success of her books being adapted, let’s not forget what she said about diversity in books.

So yeah, if you need another royalty fix, we’ve got you covered. Hopefully, this will inspire more Black writers to write more Regency-themed books in the future.

If you are looking for some Black regency novels here you go.

Vanessa Riley

An upcoming title for 2021, you can expect a sultry romance that will whisk you away.

Erica Ridley

This title just came out so this is perfect timing for you Bridgerton fans! Enjoy the rest of your holidays with this royal romance.

Alyssa Cole

Granted, this is a bit more modern but you will love it just the same.

Beverly Jenkins

Jenkins is the OG of Black romance and while a lot of her books aren’t Regency, Indigo has a royal lead. Plus look at this cover, this looks spicy.

Regency romance isn’t typically made for Black people or people of color.

But that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy the genre and center ourselves in it. With a little creativity, period romances can have no bounds on how characters look. It’s nice to enjoy historical romance pieces without incorporating slavery elements.

Enjoy your Black Regency reads! If you have any recommendations, please post in the comment box below.


Mad ethnic right now...

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