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28 Days of Black Girls in Comics: Erika Hardison


28 Days of Black Girls in Comics: Erika Hardison

28 Days of Black Girls in Comics is a celebration of Black women and marginalized people creating epic stories in comics and graphic novels.

It’s day four of #28DaysOfBlackGirlsInComics and it’s exciting to see people thrilled to see this type of content. Let’s get right into it!

Support Black girls in comics: Erika Hardison

I hate talking about myself so please extend me some grace. Ok, first thing is first, how did I even get here? I always knew I wanted a magazine or at the very least, write at a magazine. Magazines hold a special place in my heart because to me, they are cultural periodicals that reflects a specific happening in whatever is going on in society. I knew I didn’t want just a fashion or beauty publication—but a mag that would embody a community that loves culture.

A 2014 Fabulize Magazine issue

I started covering more Black creatives especially in the art and literary spaces in 2016. My first viral Black nerd article was when I posted about Amalgam Comics & Coffeehouse in Philly. After that, I started pursuing to seek out more Black creatives to feature on a number of mainstream outlets.

Eventually, I started covering New York Comic Con and my eternal favorite: The Black Comic Book Fest at the Schomburg. I created a dedicated editorial called, “My Superheroes Are Black!” in Fabulize to highlight Black creatives which is now my most popular body of work. Even though I was interviewing them, I was also inspired to step out of my own comfort zone and try to write some kick ass fiction myself.

Erika Hardison interviewing rapper Jean Grae at a Marvel panel at New York Comic Con 2017

In August, I was notified in my work chat that there was a popular Kickatarter getting a lot of support for trying to reach a goal. Their goal was to publish a number of Black comic book writers and artists who would all write a short noir story. It sounded cool so I backed it but then I proceeded to email to inquire if they were still accepting writers.

Initially they weren’t but I was informed that i should still pitch them because anything can happen and that’s when I pitched Entanglement. It was a rough pitch but I knew I wanted to write a crime story based in Chicago set in the early ’90s; New Jack Swing Era.

Writing a comic is hard AF

I knew it would be hard but Fabrice Sapolsky and Chris Harris both guided me to help me get my comic right. Now, Noir Is The New Black is about to come out and I’m excited that my comic will be amongst amazing talented writers like Melody Cooper, David Walker and Roxxy Haze!

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