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These non-Black beauty fans are attacking a Black-owned beauty brand over their packing and marketing

They are upset...


These non-Black beauty fans are attacking a Black-owned beauty brand over their packing and marketing

This business owner is going viral on Twitter after posting their controversial packaging that is causing backlash amongst some beauty fans.

When you see creative genius, you have no other choice but to appreciate it. Twitter user @Seauxalexia has launched a lash line. But this isn’t your ordinary lash line, this line packages the lashes in bright pink prescriptive pill bottles. The lash line affectionately called Lash RX is a beauty line that is dedicated to the girls & guys who want the look of long eyelash extensions without the commitment of individual sets, according to the website.

Her photos went viral on Twitter and people retweeted her and congratulated her with praise. However, some people took the opportunity to plug their own businesses and complain about her product marketing and packaging. According to her bio, she is also a pharmacy student at FAMU.

Of course, non-Black people had to center themselves on a post about promoting eyelashes. They tried to belittle her products and shame her for people who are addicted to drugs. The thing is, a lot of beauty lines use drug and drug paraphernalia names for their products. Just last year, Urban Decay released a druggie eyeshadow. Sure, people got mad, but people weren’t trying to run them out of business or cancel them.

While they are hating, lil sis has gained over 30k followers on Instagram and people are on Facebook using her product images to go viral.

Anyway, don’t wait until February to support Black-owned businesses. Tuition isn’t cheap and this is simply an ingenious way to market beauty products and to separate yourself from the rest. Best wishes to her and much success!

Check out her website and follow her on IG!


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