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28 Days Of Black Girls In Comics: Micheline Hess


28 Days Of Black Girls In Comics: Micheline Hess

Celebrate #28DaysOfBlackGirlsInComics with comic book writer and artist Micheline Hess.

It’s day ten of #28DaysOfBlackGirlsInComics and it’s exciting to see people thrilled to see this type of content. Let’s get right into it!

Support Black girls in comics: Micheline Hess

When it comes to Black girls in comics, there are not enough words to describe Micheline Hess. She started her career working with thee Milestone Comics as a colorist. Since then, she’s created several projects including Malice in Ovenland, The Anansi Kids as well as the All Saints’ Day Adventure. Hess

Here’s a quote from Hess’ website describing her journey.

In addition to being an Independent Comic Book Creator, I’m also an accomplished digital painter, with my work shown nationally at various Art Shows annually. I am most adept at creating characters and stories that provide a safe and fun way to inspire young children, especially girls. Through colorful flights of fun and fancy, I hope to encourage a stronger sense of self-love, friendship, and a hunger to embrace all things new and different in the world around them.

Even though Hess creates art and stories for young readers she also creates art for Black women. Her graphic novel Diary Of A Mad, Black Werewolf examines the obstacles Black women experience as they navigate society. Her book started off as a challenge for Inktober however fans were praising her work so much she turned it into a book.

Prior to the pandemic, Hess could be seen at cons and fests with her books. As a Black creator, she continues to center Black girls and women in her stories because she wants to continue to normalize Black girls as main characters in comics and books. We want to encourage young and adult readers to see Black girls as the default in their fiction lit as well.

Support Micheline Hess and support #28DaysOfBlackGirlsInComics


Mad ethnic right now...

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