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These two homely looking journalists mocked Blue Ivy’s looks and got dragged on Twitter


These two homely looking journalists mocked Blue Ivy’s looks and got dragged on Twitter

These two thumb looking film writers thought it was cute to diss Blue Ivy

These two homely looking journalists mocked Blue Ivy’s looks and got dragged on Twitter

It’s literally the second day of the New Year and two ugly film critics thought it would be cute to go on Twitter and talk about Blue Ivy’s looks. Mind you, Blue is only seven years old. Blue Ivy, perhaps one of the most famous Black kids in the world has had so much anti-blackness thrown at her. It’s sad, too. When she was younger, people made disgusting comments about her hair because it’s a 4c texture. To some, her hair was never neat enough because folks are ingrained to have Black girls with perfectly, coiffed hair even as babies.

But as Blue Ivy grew, she started to stunt her healthy and beautiful mane on the haters, but that still wasn’t enough to stop people from perpetuating anti-blackness on to her.

Rapper Megan The Stallion posted a beautiful photo of her, Beyonce and Blue Ivy together for the New Year. They all looked flawless. While everyone was praising them, the homely and bothered had to be noticed because that’s what unfortunate looking souls do when everyone seems to be having a good time and minding their business.

First, let’s ask ourselves why a grown-ass man is judging the looks of a seven-year-old Black girl? Who asked him to crawl from whatever rock he was under to comment on her looks. She is a child! But as always, when Black men are vocal about their misogynoir, white women see the ashy symbol in the air and add unnecessary input. It’s like she couldn’t wait to jump at the opportunity to discuss openly her disdain for Blue Ivy’s looks. Since a Black man started the conversation, she just knew she would be protected and not be seen as racist because she was just joining the conversation.

A few weeks ago, the beautiful Ari Lennox was ( and still) fighting trolls who told her she needed a nose job. The same conversation happened with Megan The Stallion as men and women have been misgendering her because she’s tall and curvy. My issue with this type of ugliness is members of the media who have large platforms should not entertain this type of ugliness on a child, let alone a Black little girl.

Why do people feel some comfortable talking about Black girls and their looks? What is it about us that draws out the ugliness in men and non-Black people? Why can’t we exist as we are without being made fun of for existing? So many adults seem hellbent on Blue Ivy having a complex. These types of comments lead to women that will bleach their skin and have self-esteem issues in a world that already kicks them when they are down.

Both of these writers work for prestigious media companies; Vanity Fair and the New Yorker. I hope Beyonce refuses both of these publications going forward if they decide not to fire them. Imagine the audacity to talk about a little girl’s looks ( which low-key feels like sexualizing because you are basing their looks on what you think is attractive)and mentioning an ugly duck stage while you are a whole ass adult still in your ugly duck phase—for forever!

If nobody has told you, keep Black girls and their names out your mouths. I hope the Beyhive dragged them both and they have to change their accounts to private.


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