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Is Kash Doll’s Latest Video Paying Homage To This Rapper?


Is Kash Doll’s Latest Video Paying Homage To This Rapper?

Kash Doll drops her latest video and it we can’t help put point out how similar it looks to another rap diva’s video.

The new video “Bad Azz” Kash Doll just dropped is filled with the rapper talking cash money shit. In the video she is sitting in a Game Of Thrones type chair in a mink coat rapping. The mood and vibe is very similar to another Foxy Brown’s video, “Hot Spot”.

Check out the Kash Doll’s Bad Azz lyrics:

Look, first off
Bitch you know who I am
You ain't bad bitch 'cause you runnin' scams
Instagram, Snapchat, and OnlyFans
You hoppin' on dicks, I'm hoppin' in Lam's
I be with my bitches on some boss shit
You and your bitches on some loss shit
Price of the fame, what the cost, bitch?
If it's up, then it's stuck, ain't no off switch
One or two bad bitches hoppin' out the Wraith
Even in your own city, bitch you ain't safe
Fuck you and them pussy-ass, six figure ho
Hahahaha, woah

Now peep Foxy Brown’s video, “Hot Spot”.


Can you see the resemblance? They both have similar concepts, moods, colors and styling. In fact, most of the rap girls have been paying tribute to the ‘90s lately so it’s not too far fetch for Kash Doll to not pull some concepts from the rap archive.

The rap girls are running the board in rap right now. They are dropping the best visuals, songs, (both albums and singles) while staying on the charts.

I don’t blame the girls’ the ’90s were popping!

Check out Foxy’s video and see if you can see similarities.


Mad ethnic right now...

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