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Washed Benchwarmer Tried To Diss Jill Scott And Twitter Dragged Him


Washed Benchwarmer Tried To Diss Jill Scott And Twitter Dragged Him

Washed Benchwarmer Tried To Diss Jill Scott And Twitter Dragged Him

Retired bench warmer tried to come for Jill Scott and Twitter clapped back.

Who is Kyle Querio?

A nobody athlete and failing gamer decided to make Jill Scott the butt of his jokes and it backfired.

This is the second time this year I’ve had to highlight a Black man making a Black woman the but of his jokes, unprovoked. At the top of the year, it was the ugly journalists who tried to diss Blue Ivy. Now, in the middle of a global pandemic, people are continuously jumping on social media looking to start fights unprovoked.

On Friday afternoon, an unknown and unsigned football player turned mediocre gamer who averages approximately 5 views per stream, decided to jump on Twitter and make a backhanded joke at Jill Scott’s expense.

He asked his eleven thousands followers if people were attracted to the multi-talented Jilly from Philly.

Yes, that Jill Scott.

Within minutes his started receiving replies with Twitter users confirming that yes, the singer is indeed attractive. However, that wasn’t enough for the struggling gamer with the patchy beard. He continued to ask question Twitter why they found the singer attractive. It was like he was in shock that his followers would find the singer/poet/actress attractive and desirable.

He followed up his tweet with trying to double-down on stating that the singer wasn’t ugly but didn’t understand why people were sexually aroused by her.

Instead of moving on from the topic, Querio played into a fatphobic trope but declaring people are drawn to her energy as if her body is isn’t suitable for genuine appreciation. Once he started getting called out, he deleted the tweets and posted a half-assed apology stating that he didn’t meant to diss Black women or be fatphobic. After being dragged for his tweets, he locked both his Instagram and Twitter accounts.

So here’s the problem. Women don’t exist to be eye-candy pieces for men. Women don’t need approval from strange men to be considered attractive and it’s quite fragile of this failed football player to randomly pick apart Jill Scott to increase his social media engagement. It’s not unheard of for people to use fat people as the butt of their jokes to boost their visibility. Fat people, in particular, fat Black women are often degraded on social media and in society to the point it’s normalized.

However, Jill Scott was able to garner support and pushback and while I also defended Jill Scott, it’s not lost on me that one of my favorite singers fits the mold of what I call an acceptable fatty. Through no fault of her own, Jill is busty, curvy and light brown with an hourglass figure and nice waist-to-hip ratio. She’s the acceptable fat body that mainstream and men would tolerate. Her aesthetic aligns with a projection that people associate with her; natural hair, jolly, demure fat woman which equates to Queiro’s comment about her energy.

Fat women should be able to mind their own business without living rent-free in people’s minds.

Fat women can’t just be bad without any other reason but being attractive like straight-sized women. Fat women have to be acceptable and the perfect kind of fat the men and their friends deem appropriate. Jill Scott falls into the appropriate kind of fat where men would defend her however my fear is that if another fat women would have been the butt of the joke like Lizzo, men would have had more jokes and the fatphobia would have went unchecked.

Most fat women just mind their own business and then, out of nowhere an insecure person tries to joke with aspirations that more people will pile on and make fun of that fat person. It’s bullying, unnecessary and tasteless. I am glad that Twitter took up for Jill Scott but I’d like to see all fat women protected and defended from fatphobic people.


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