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Netflix’s Aggretsuko Is Coming Back This Summer


Netflix’s Aggretsuko Is Coming Back This Summer

Netflix’s Aggretsuko Is Coming Back This Summer

Aggretsuko season 3 will debut on August 27th on Netflix.

Our favorite heavy metal, 9-5 working panda is coming back with an all new season on Netflix, August 27th.

I’ve been watching Aggretsuko since the first season and I wasn’t sure what to expect. I was drawn by the animation because it gave me serious Hello Kitty vibes and the heavy metal element was a pleasant surprise. However, watching it, I began to really enjoy the storyline. A hard worker panda gal who is a people pleaser.

Retsuko just wants to do her job and everyone takes her for granted. She just wants to be a social media influencer that everyone adores! She’s always stressed out so to relieve her stress she sings death metal. Honestly, it’s a good coping mechanism and with everything she has to deal with, you can’t blame her.

If you haven’t seen the show let me walk you through it without spoiling it for you. The first season explores Retsuko’s social and professional life. As we follow her life, we appreciate the little quirks of Retsuko. She just wants to be good at her job and have people enjoy her pictures online.

Things start to get a bit wild when Retsuko wants to be more assertive in her life.

However, season 2 packed a more emotional punch. Seeing Retsuko deal with her family, both good and bad and dealing with her emotions instead of putting a band-aid on them left fans wanting more. Unfortunately, it’s hard to love animated Netflix shows because they get canceled so quickly like Tuca & Bertie.

Fans were thrilled to see the official tweet from Netflix announcing the August date. I can’t wait to Retsuko navigate her life again. She is so relatable because she doesn’t strive to be perfect all the time but she does strive to be happy.

Welcome back, Retsuko!


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