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Janelle Monae is Back!


Janelle Monae is Back!

   Long before the woke lyrics hype of the last 3 years of mainstream music, there was a black girl with a record deal who dared to wear a suit/tux instead of the booty shorts and bikini tops. In an era of which woke lyrics weren’t really hype, she created fantasy, sci-fi infused albums with lyrics that set the souls of black listeners free from topics ranging from sex work to racism.

Her albums never left listeners disappointed and the emergence of her career as an actress led her to raise her platform to new heights. However, it seems she hasn’t forgotten her power as a black woman and has not lost her gift to reach black women for she has returned to music.

 Her new album, Dirty Computer, will be released on April 27th, 2018 and if these new videos are any indication, this album will feel right at home with the rest. Her video for the song “Make Me Feel” hints more at her own sexuality as she dances from a handsome man to beautiful black women, namely the gorgeous Tessa Thompson, (Thor Ragnarok, Dear White People, Westworld).

Another song released is “Django Jane” in which she raps about holding back vaginal sex until black men shape up, her growth as a woman, and more. Both of these are part of her Dirty Computer release which will also be a visual album.

 Check out the videos below.



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