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Spotlight On: Children’s Book Author Krystaelynne Sanders-Diggs And The Kids Again Foundation


Spotlight On: Children’s Book Author Krystaelynne Sanders-Diggs And The Kids Again Foundation

Children’s book author Krystaelynne Sanders-Diggs and her book Shrinkage

Meet Krystaelynne Sanders-Diggs: Proud Wife, Mother, Marketing Manager, And Children’s Book Author

I am so pleased to know this incredible human. I met Krystaelynne way back in middle school when she and my older sister became close friends. Diggs, even then, was characterized by her bright smile, warmth, and friendly disposition that reeled you in. Even as my sister and I fought like cats and dogs, I was always shocked that she seemed to attract so many awesome, kind friends. After our family moved, I didn’t see that much of Krystaelynne for years, but I suspected she and my sister remained in touch.

This was proven true when we both saw each other again at the first birthday party of my sister’s twin sons. Catching up, I told her about my writing for Fabulize from time to time, and she told me about the Kids Again Foundation and her career as a children’s book author! Not only was I impressed at her involvement in the foundation as well as her literary career, but I was also moved by her foundation’s mission: to provide support for children who are survivors of sexual abuse. Anyone who knows me knows that I care deeply for the safety and welfare of children and youth. Young people are among the most vulnerable to some of the worst kinds of evils in the world, and I always felt it was important we protect and look after the most vulnerable.

Not to mention I have children that are a part of my own life. Kids throughout my family (including my beloved niece, older nephew, and newborn twin nephews) and children of many of my friends. I even feel protective of children I just see around, worrying that no one bothers or hurts them and that they aren’t wandering around alone without adult supervision and protection. Kids should be allowed to explore, dream, wonder, laugh, and really be kids. We have to support them, listen to them, and really hear them out when they need us to, even if we don’t want to hear the bad things.

Kids Again Foundation

Kids Again Foundation is based in Santa Rosa, California

The Kids Again Foundation is the exact type of nonprofit organization that we should all know about. That is why, hectic-day-job-schedule-be-damned, I would actually follow through with my offer to talk about it here. Because it is crucial we support organizations like these to help children heal from experiences all too common in our world. Situations many of us don’t like to think about but occur whether we want to think about them or not. Here is the Kids Again Foundation’s mission statement directly from their website:

Kids Again addresses the unique challenges that children of abuse face by creating wholesome environments for them to recapture the innocence of youth. Our goal is to create life-changing opportunities that help children begin the healing process and work towards a lasting recovery. Your donations are greatly appreciated and help fund highly needed programs including youth sports leagues, music, art, and other fun activities.

Anyone with children in their lives, whether they are parents or guardians or not, should understand why organizations like these are important. We should all sincerely hope that no children we ever come across have ever, or will ever, face abuse, but the fact is that any child can, and many have. And when it happens, we have to help those children heal and grow in spite of that harm. We have to show them that we care, and that life can and will continue beyond the suffering they’ve endured. To remind them that they are still kids, and can be safe to be kids again. We must too be involved and support them in the best ways we possibly can.

Another great way to help them, and also protect them from further harm (or any harm in the first place) is education. We need to arm our children with knowledge of what is safe and what is unsafe, and books are an excellent way to do that. Fortunately, Diggs has that covered too.

Where Hands Go And Arming Our Children and Ourselves With Knowledge

Diggs’ book Where Hands Go being promoted by her SUPER adorable son!

Where Hands Go is a beautiful book written by Diggs that is easy to read and wonderfully illustrated to teach the importance of consent and where it is appropriate and inappropriate to touch a child. It is a perfect read for children of all ages as well as parents, guardians, therapists, counselors, and other adults to read to children and arm them with the knowledge they need to protect themselves. Parents and other adults can even read it for themselves to better articulate the points and messages the book promotes in order to relay those same points and messages to other adults or children in their own words.

Basically, this book is for literally everyone and is a wonderful way to give crucial information we all need in order to protect our loved ones and all children in general. And while many of us are fully aware of where it is safe and unsafe to touch children, there are many who don’t have the same information. This book is great for anyone with children, or anyone who sees children regularly, including educators, babysitters, childcare, and daycare providers. We all have a responsibility to protect the children around us, for they need us to protect them as they cannot protect themselves.

More Wonderful Books By Krystaelynne Sanders-Diggs

Boogie: The Strong Booger, Shrinkage, Curves Like Mine, and Stinky Feet by Krystaelynne Sanders-Diggs

Boogie: The Strong Booger is a fun, engaging book explaining how mucous works, using the character of Boogie to reel readers in and show how he protects people from bacteria and viruses. Kids are naturally curious about what goes on in their noses, and Boogie is a great way to satisfy that curiosity in a fun and educational way. There is also Shrinkage, a heartwarming story about Mya (named after a beloved niece of Diggs) a little girl who loves her kinky, afro-textured hair. It is a wonderful story that promotes love for natural hair and shows the many ways it can be styled and embraced by Black and ethnic children.

Curves Like Mine is an inspirational book that guides children toward embracing their curves and loving themselves no matter what they look like. It promotes loving yourself and seeing the beauty inside and out. Stinky Feet is a hilarious, feel-good story about two, well, stinky feet. It’s a great way to read something funny and get your young ones to laugh out loud and have a great time.

Reading Is Key

A father reading Boogie: The Strong Booger to his son at a literary event

Reading is fundamental, and interest in reading starts young. Read to your children, your younger siblings, nieces, nephews, grandchildren, cousins, godchildren, and any kids you see from time to time or regularly. When you read to children from a young age and also encourage reading, you help foster an interest in reading and greatly improve their development and growth, preparing them for the future. My own love for books and reading came from my mother reading to me and buying me children’s books, picture books, books of fairytales, superhero books, and of course comic books. An arsenal of words and vocabulary can help keep minds sharp. Books also foster creativity, critical thinking, imagination, and wonder.

And it is crucial that we ourselves read and watch content with our children to make sure we agree with the messages and lessons being told as well as leading by example. When our children see us reading and engaging with certain material, they naturally become curious about it. This is why we should be careful they see us engage with material appropriate for their ages when they are around so that they won’t gravitate towards content more suitable for our adult ages and become influenced by content they’re not ready for. These books by Diggs are great for kids, as well as for adults involved in children’s development. Check them all out here.

Support the Kids Again Foundation and Black Women Children’s Book Authors

K Sanders-Diggs at her book launch presenting a young superhero with three excellent reads

We need to support Black women in all their endeavors, as long as those endeavors are ones we believe in. If you believe in supporting children, preventing abuse, but also supporting children if it happens to them, then you should support the Kids Again Foundation. If you are unable to donate, that is understandable, but you can visit their website and find other ways to support it. Another way to support is to talk about it and spread the word. The more people who know about it, the more donations might come their way and the more children who can get the help and support they need. Also support similar foundations in your area.

Please support Krystaelynne Sanders-Diggs and her books. They are widely available on Amazon. They’re very beautiful and are perfect for the holiday season or any occasion whatsoever. Give them to young people, expectant parents or guardians, educators, childcare providers, and literally anyone who engages with children. Support Black women authors and work for, about, and by Black and ethnic people. However, anyone can find enjoyment as well as positive and helpful messages and information delivered in lovingly written and illustrated books that are easy to follow and can make a world of difference in people’s lives, young or otherwise.

K Sanders-Diggs and her son with her books

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