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Braxton: Regenesis — a Superhero Graphic Novel


Braxton: Regenesis — a Superhero Graphic Novel

Braxton: Regenesis — a Superhero Graphic Novel

There are so many dope indie graphic novels and comics being created now it’s sometimes overwhelming to keep up with them all. However, it’s our duty to keep track of all the Black superheroes and with that being said, meet the latest project on Kickatarter; Braxton: Regenesis. Created by Stephanie Williams and Valerie Complex and founded by Ed William, the project is anticipated to be an action-packed, drama series that involves a black queer mother on the run who has a son. Below is the outline as seen on Kickatarter and via the official press release.

On the run from a league of assassins with a bounty on her family’s head, a queer Black mother receives a chance to face her past with the help of a legendary tall-tale figure. Now she must choose between a life of running or a life that only exists to put others before herself and the person she loves most, her 8-year-old son.

A powerhouse from the bayous of Louisiana and a testament to the power of a second chance, it’s been an emotional journey of self-discovery as she attempts to find out who she is, who she wants to be and what she’s willing to do to put her and her child first in a world that expects her to exist for others.

When cancer takes her mother’s last breath and alcohol her father’s sense of responsibility, a young Braxton Sinclaire Turner reaches the depths of despair when signed into custody of a distant relative secretly involved in a shadow syndicate of women who dismantle the power structures and systems of man. Inducted, she expects to never have a choice, freedom, or aspirations beyond her evolving role as the syndicate’s most coveted asset. That is until she discovers a shocking truth that she’s not only magically-enhanced, but with child. 

This assassin sisterhood, known as the Echis, hold the secrets about who and what she is, but also threaten to take the only thing in this world that’s renewed her heart and spirit: her child. The league has a golden rule: escape only comes through death—natural or otherwise, and Braxton has decided to run. 

Will Braxton and her son, Malachi, be ran into a life of endless fear and possibility of death? Or will she take an opportunity presented by legendary tall-tale figure, John Henry, to become one of the first Artisans—an expertly trained paranormal human—living a life that will award her redemption for her past, but giving up her choices, freedoms, and aspirations all over again? 

About Mayke Entertainment, LLC (Mayke): Formerly Arclight Comics, Mayke brings creators from all walks of life to put characters and stories into the world that give a voice to the voiceless in entertainment and media industries. We are a media company developing a superhero universe IP featuring POC, WOC, LGBTQIA+, and persons with disabilities through stories and characters intended to heal, transform, and inspire our communities.


Mad ethnic right now...

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1 Comment

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