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A Love Story in New York City Named “Georgia” Starring Fariso Jordan


A Love Story in New York City Named “Georgia” Starring Fariso Jordan

Please tell us what the play “Georgia” is about?

Georgia is a love story. A complicated love story. I think everyone can relate to having

an attraction, whether it’s to another person, an idea or an object that goes against

everything we know or think that we know. Georgia speaks to those impulses we have

that defy all logic.

What inspired you to write “Georgia”?

I am really intrigued by the idea of perspective. The play in itself is a search for truth.

All of the characters in Georgia give you different answers to the same question. The

reason why Georgia works best as a one-person performance is because it creates an

experience of truth manipulation not only symbolically, but visually and physically as


What do you hope the audience comes away with after seeing the


I hope that Georgia helps people to see the world more clearly.

What are the challenges in doing a production of this style?

I have to learn lines for 4 different characters and have

to give each character their own traits and personalities. One of the biggest tasks in

rehearsal was making the conversations/interactions between characters come across as

such. There’s no one else on stage but me, so I have no one to

help pick me recover if I mess up a line. I have to be perfect to get this story across.

What are you plans for the performance after the dates at the Nuyorican Cafe in New York City?

Yes, we plan to continue performing on different stages in the city, and Georgia is going

on a college tour to various cities starting at the end of March.

Georgia will be showing at the Nuyorican Cafe in New York City. Fariso Jordan, while originally from Texas moved to Harlem, NY to study theatre-performance at Fordham University. This is where she started working on the beginning stages of this play. Georgia is directed by Brooklynite Kevin Benoit of Parle Entertainment. Follow the actress and director on Twitter at @farisojordan and @parlewithme

Tickets are $10 in advance $15 for all other purchases at the door
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