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It’s official, Ironheart settles the pop versus soda debate


It’s official, Ironheart settles the pop versus soda debate

It's pop not soda!

It’s official, Ironheart settles the pop versus soda debate

I’m so happy Riri cleared this up.

In Ironheart (2019) #8, you see Riri asking for some orange pop and playfully code-switching and using the word soda so she could be understood and I have never felt so seen in my life. But I am beyond thrilled that writer Eve Ewing is writing about the precocious teen prodigy. She’s given new life to Ironheart because I was initially worried about her future. But now, Riri has a more authentic Chicago teen personality and yes, the word is pop and not soda!

I am from Chicago so when it comes to the regional diaspora wars of language it seems like the Midwest gets under everybody’s skin the most. The Midwest is a melting pot of slangs and accents ranging for northeastern influences to southern twang. However, when it comes to certain lingo, we are unapologetic about and for good reason. We say things like finna and yall and we definitely think our pizza is superior but for some reason or another, other regional Black (haha) can’t understand why we call don’t call pop, soda.

Now before you start arguing just know you won’t win this war. Ironheart has already settled the argument and I don’t see why you or anyone else would want to argue with one of the smartest superheroes in the Marvel Universe. You can try, but you will still be wrong. So here are a few reasons why us Midwesterners are right on this issue.

Why it’s called pop and not soda

First of all, when you pop open a can, the carbonated drink beverage reacts to being open with a “pop” sound. Thus calling it pop.

Sodapop or soda sounds bland

Soda is reserved when you decide to drink nasty cream soda. It doesn’t really pop it sort of sizzles and falls flat. Soda is for people who can’t stomach the bite of pop.

Most of the country calls it pop

The south and the northeast are really in the minority here when it comes to this issue. From parts of Pennsylvania to Seattle, Washington people use the word pop instead of soda.

So do you want to be in the minority to just be contrary or do you want to admit that the word is pop and not soda? It’s ok if it takes you a while to realize you have been living wrong.


Mad ethnic right now...

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1 Comment

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