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This black teen created Afrotober to celebrate blackness in horror, fantasy, and sci-fi


This black teen created Afrotober to celebrate blackness in horror, fantasy, and sci-fi

Wynter created the hashtag #Afrotober because she felt excluded from #Inktober

Wynter Robinson is a young artist that loves creating art. But after reading a tweet from the creator of Inktober, who suggested that digital art is a ‘safety net’ and it isn’t as authentic as traditional art forms, she decided to create a hashtag that will not only highlight black centering art but accomadate all artists. Wynter, was hurt by the lack of consideration and inclusion and decided to not participate in Inktober, but instead create Afrotober and allow herself to still be challenged. She has received support from other artists, and presently @leoaaries, @abused_angels @heirofglee and @keefcross are particpating in Afrotober. She updates daily are on her IG account and shows various interpretations of afro-horror and fantasy.

Inktober disqualifies some artists who can only work digitally

“I realized that not including digital art would exclude not just artists who create digitally by choice, but also people with disabilities. Inking is not exclusive to traditional art and is a part of digital art as well,” Wynter Robinson stated.

Afrotober welcomes all artists working in all mediums to participate with us. Afrotober is an inclusive event. Our intention is to bring artists of all mediums together and produce works of art that creates representation for African Americans in all of the traditional and non-traditional roles seen during Halloween.

To be included go to @Afrotober use any of the daily prompts and when you are done hashtag the piece as #Afrotober and #Afrotober2017 in the comments while submitting.

Afrotober celebrates blackness in horror, sci-fi and fantasy.
artist: magical girl myah


Mad ethnic right now...

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