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Mary J. Blige Gives Breakout Performance In Her New Film ‘Body Cam’


Mary J. Blige Gives Breakout Performance In Her New Film ‘Body Cam’

Mary J. Blige Gives Breakout Performance In Her New Film ‘Body Cam’

If you would told me Mary J. Blige would be doing horror movies I would have looked at you with a side-eye. First, let’s not all act like Blige doesn’t have any acting chops. We saw her kill her role in The Wiz! and it was only a matter of time Blige would broaden her acting career.

I was initially hesitate to watching Body Cam. Mostly because I’m overwhelmed with watching police movies and the killing of Black bodies. However, because this was slated as a horror film, I decided to give it a try, plus I’m a fan of Blige.

Scene from ‘Body Cam’

The mood for the entire movie is pretty much the same; it’s rainy, dreary and dark. It looks like a horror movie but it has a lot of mystery elements as well. We see Blige as a cop who has recently endured a personal tragedy which has impacted her judgement as a cop, or at least that’s what’s her colleagues believe. She strives to prove herself as reliable and level-headed while her fellow police officers keep a close eye on her.

Because Blige (her character name is Renee) knows she’s under close surveillance, she tries to avoid unnecessary conflict while out in the field. Renee and her partner do a wellness check and her met by residents who don’t want them in their neighborhood. Renee tries her best to diffuse the situation and to not cause any commotion. However, unexplainable things start to happen.

Without giving away the movie, let’s just say that some weird, supernatural things start happening and Renee is doing her best to solve it. The problem is, her colleagues don’t believe her. However, she meets Anika Noni Rose who can relate to her pain.

It’s up to Renee to prove her story without getting killed or anyone else killed and the evidence she needs can only be viewed by her.

It’s a slow burn kind of film which is ok because it’s not a long movie. The horror element is graphic but tolerable even for people who don’t watch much horror. If you’re looking for a film where bad people get served justice by supernatural elements, this movie is good choice.

Anika Noni Rose and Theo Rossi also star in the film.


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