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Tuca & Bertie Will Return Next Year On The Cartoon Network


Tuca & Bertie Will Return Next Year On The Cartoon Network

Tuca & Bertie Will Return Next Year On The Cartoon Network

The Netflix series Tuca & Bertie is being picked up by Cartoon Network

In a short period, Tuca & Bertie had already established a fan base online with their Netflix series. The series which stars Tiffany Haddish and Ali Wong along with the creative talent from Bojack Horseman was a pleasant and surprising hit.

The show follows two best friends who are the ying and yang of each other. Instead of focusing on “positive vibes only” mantra of platonic relationships between women, the show displays a realistic dynamic between friends which naturally has its ups and downs.

Fans were surprised that Netflix canceled the series.

Cartoon Network announced that they’ve picked up the show and it will be coming back in 2021. Rumors circulated that despite the praises received online, the show while on Netflix didn’t receive the viewership numbers they were hoping to get.

Netflix is often rightfully praised for their eye on good animated original content. Shows like Bojack, The Dragon Prince, She-Ra and Big Mouth have all been some of the streaming service biggest successes. Unfortunately, Tuca & Bertie didn’t make that same magic with Netflix. Hopefully its new relationship with Cartoon Network will prove that the show is not only needed but appreciated.


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