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Malika, The African Superhero We Need Is Back


Malika, The African Superhero We Need Is Back

YouNeek Studios presents: Malika

YouNeek Studios has done it again; this is what I’ve been waiting for, Malika, part 2!

Malika is about a comic book featuring a black female protagonist. This comic takes places in West Africa during the medieval era. Malika is the queen of Azzaz. Azzaz is an empire comprised of 5 different cultures and traditions. Although, Malika united 5 different cultures and ended a civil war, people still question if a woman is fit to lead. In the second part, that is no longer a question! Her people said, ‘Enough is too much.’

In the first book Malika knew her enemy and who to suspect. In the second book, it isn’t that simple. In part two we’re looking at Malika battle her council and try to stop Azzaz from going extinct or even worse, into slavery. Previously, in part one we were looking for answers about her relationship with her husband King Bass, what really happened with her sister and what is the deal with these dragons that feed off of rage.

The unavoidable war is still building up between the Ming Dynasty and the Empire of Azzaz. The reason Malika’s council is looking to overthrow her one, they think her father was a better ruler two, they believe the Ming Dynasty has something better to offer.

Without spoiling anything, I can’t say much but all of these questions were answered in this second part.  

Alright, I’ll give you a little something, someone is definitely back from the dead. What a sweet reunion. Queen Malika is still caught between saving herself and her people. People of Azzaz, why can’t you let her be great? But to be fair as long as there are kings and queens there will be disloyal subjects.

Not only is this a telling story about, internal conflict about balancing out mercy without showing weakness but, a war between two people mixed in with betrayal and family secrets. Plus the magical portion where there are spells, secret societies, curses and nature-driven super power moves.

The most authentic thing about Malika is the truth that is mixed in with fiction. All of the clothes are based on traditional African garb and cultures. Azzaz is a fictitious place surrounded by borders of real African states and rulers. Bordered to the south is Oyo, Nri, and Benin Kingdoms, east is the Kongo Kingdom and west is the Songhai Empire and Timbuktu. When reading part two, please, take a breath from the story and admire the artwork as well as the inclusion of tradition.

The drawing style still amazes me. What’s interesting is YouNeek studios is working on getting an animated series of Malika going. The art style is a bit different but the colors are just as vibrant and meaning full. Check out the Kickstarter and see what you can donate:


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