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Black Girl Nerds praised ‘Siempre Bruja’ and nobody was having it


Black Girl Nerds praised ‘Siempre Bruja’ and nobody was having it

Wheewww Chillay.

As we continue celebrating Black History Month, it’s typical to watch movies and documentaries that have black protagonists or showcase black history as we celebrate our heritage extra hard for the month. Netflix’s Siempre Bruja starring actress Angely Gaviria captivated potential fans with its snippets and visuals initially during the early promos. When the show went live on Netflix, viewers voiced their concerns about the plot and premise of the show.

One of the concerns viewers expressed was the disappointment that a black creative wasn’t writing or directing the show. Others felt they were lead to believe the show would be more mythical. Nobody expected it to be as one user described it as “Sally Hemings as a witch”. That description alone should let you know this show is full of foolishness and slave romance fantasies.

… All this during the month of our holiday of Black History Month. But what solidifies white-produced content that wants us to celebrate slave fantasies? A black pop culture website with a lot of reach and visibility.

Hello Black Girl Nerds. As you may or may not know, BGN was in some hot water last year over FanCon; the greatest con that never happened. Depends on who you ask, the con fell apart due to either lack of strong leadership, mismanagement of funds, overselling expectations and novice con organizers. No matter who you believe, lots of people weren’t refunded and a lot of creatives lost money. People took to Twitter to reach out to FanCon organizers and to much dismay, a lot of issues weren’t resolved.

But this isn’t an article about FanCon, this is an article about BGN trying to convince their audience that consists of Black girls that this slave fantasy show on Netflix is a good show.

Now fam.
Granted, not everyone will like every show with black people in it. Some people don’t like Luke Cage or Black Lighting and that’s perfectly ok, but part of being in media is beig able to be unbiased even as a blogger. On the business side, it’s understandable that you want your platform to stay in good graces with PR agents so you can have media access, but is all that worth disappointing your supporters and fans?


Reviews are individualized and personal. This time last year, plenty of white fanboy sites were trashing Black Panther but that still didn’t stop us from seeing it multiple times. I think collectively, we are just tired of entertaiment based on the tired ass slavery trope.


Mad ethnic right now...

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