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Kwanzaa Crawl in Brooklyn was Black and LIT as F*€$ ????


Kwanzaa Crawl in Brooklyn was Black and LIT as F*€$ ????

I knew #KwanzaaCrawl would be lit because people asked me if I was going. I bought a ticket and my confirmation included my team leader, crawl map and directions. Everyone started at the Restoration Plaza and we were instructed to break into teams and to patronage local black-owned bars in our designated areas. 

I started at Voudo Bar in Bed-Stuy on Nostrand. 

Yes, I know. I don’t have many photos myself because by my second bar, I was lit and only thing I recorded was Snapchat and Instagram stories and did a video recap.

Supporting black owned restaurants and bars @overfab #kwanzaacrawl #brooklyn

A photo posted by The Faction (@thefactionnyc) on

I started at Voudo Bar in Bed-Stuy on Nostrand. 

LIVE from Vodou Bar baby! We told you #KwanzaaCrawl was going to be ????????????‼️

A photo posted by VODOU BAR (@vodoubar) on

Each bar we stayed at for about 2 hours before we went to the next one. The bars are extremely generous with their mixed drinks prices and appetizers. I can’t remember the last time I spent $60.00 at the bar and got that many drinks (tip and included). I wasn’t able to take a lot of photos because after awhile I was just enjoying the crowd, but as you see from the #KwanzaaCrawl hashtag, people really enjoyed themselves.

With sold-out tickets and over 1,600 attendees, Kwanzaa Crawl was a perfect way to end 2016. I hope this becomes a yearly event. Initially, I was a bit frustrated with having to stand in line in the rain and cold to wait for my cup and ticket, but once I got it, I was in better spirits and had a blast.


Mad ethnic right now...

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