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How to look glamorous in an instant this Valentine’s Day


How to look glamorous in an instant this Valentine’s Day

Don't worry about not looking fab for VDay after leaving work- we have you covered.

Valentine’s Day is on a Tuesday this year, which means that many of us will be heading out straight from work. While the haggard ‘I’ve just sent fifty emails’ look might be alright on a normal day, it’s not ideal for a romantic date – even if you’ve been married thirty years. We all like to feel glamorous from time-to-time, so here’s how to spice up your look in an instant.

Wear lippy

Running out the office door with a pile of folders is not (stereotypically) attractive, so take a moment to regain your composure before leaving work. Steal a few minutes to freshen up in the loo and paint your lips with your favourite lippie. Applying a bright, dazzling shade of lipstick can transform your appearance in an instant and will draw attention to your smile. Seal the colour with a top coat (available with many quality products) and get ready for a night of fine wine and nostalgic tunes with your favourite man. If you’re an organised person, you might consider booking a lip enhancement procedure for extra volume, but if you’re bogged down, then cosmetics offer a quick fix.

Apply blusher

Early mornings and late nights can leave us looking rather pale, so be sure to apply a quality blusher before heading out. If you’ve a young, smooth complexion, brush a little powder onto your cheek bones and watch your face come alive. If you’ve slightly older skin, be sure to use a cream-based product as this will stop powder from settling in fine lines. Make sure you apply all makeup in a natural light (to avoid looking like a clown) and keep your cosmetics with your at all teams, in case you need to reapply.

Get luscious locks

As most girls know, letting your hair down after a long day does not always result in long, flowing curls – unless you’re starring in a shampoo advert. Therefore it’s wise to throw a few hair care items into your work bag – just in case wind, rain or snow take their toll. Pack a clean mascara wand to tame those stray hairs and a selection of clips to keep them in place. Bring a hair brush just in case you decide to let your hair down after all and hairspray if you can fit it all in! Styling your hair to perfection takes time, but it is possible to look good after a nine to five.

Arrange a lunchtime beauty treatment

If you’re getting ready for an evening of romance, why not arrange a beauty treatment before meeting your lover? Head out on your lunch break and treat yourself to an hour of relaxation. You could book to have your nails done or even enjoy a facial toning session at a professional clinic. You’ll feel better in an instant and will be ready to meet any old-flame or long-term lover. We all lead busy lives, but there are ways to look glamorous without disrupting your routine.
Valentine’s the most romantic night of the year, so why not make an effort to look beautiful this year?

For all of our UK readers, Isabella has been beauty blogging since her days at University, beauty blogging on a budget, she now blogs for Cosmetic Surgery Guru – providing advice and guidance on both surgical and non surgical procedures.


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