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ColourPop is launching a Sailor Moon collection this Thursday


ColourPop is launching a Sailor Moon collection this Thursday

ColourPop is launching a Sailor Moon collection this Thursday

Calling all Sailor Moon fans! ColourPop just teased their fans with their upcoming collection featuring the one and only Sailor Moon. Sailor Moon has been in the news lately with their recent collaborationa with Sketches and Uniqlo.

ColourPop took to their Instagram and posted a short clip of Usagi/Serena transforming to Sailor Moon. Trust me, all the Sailor Scouts fans flooded their feeds with praise. Shortly after, ColourPop uploaded another photo of the upcoming collection labeling with a caption to further tease fans saying “fight evil by moonlight”. The displayed palette showed an eyeshadow collection of twelve colors that consists a lot of shimmering gold, a Luna-colored blue and four matte looking colors that fall under the red/cool spectrum.

The caption also includes the release date which is this Thursday, February 20th. There’s the Pretty Guardian Palette, Moonlight Lip and Daylight lip bundles. The palette described above is what is included.

The collection is really cute and a Sailor Moon fan myself it doesn’t take much to convince me to buy anything with the Sailor Moon brand. However, just a few years ago, ColourPop was under fire for the racist names of some of their products. I’m not sure how conflicted some of you Kawaii girls are with this. Personally, I like the packaging more than the actual colors. I mean, the golds are cool but those lip colors look at hit or miss to me. A few years ago, another beauty company released a limited edition line of Sailor Moon lip gloss. I mean I could wear an orange cream looking lip but the question is do I want to?

If you buy it, I won’t judge you because the packaging is cute and you can always resell for a higher price on eBay or something. This collection will definitely sell out and it will sell out fast so if you’re going to buy you need to buy as soon as it drops. I predict they will run out of stock before the end of the day on Thursday. There are just way too many Sailor Moon fans that would buy this just as a novelty item.


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