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These Two Skincare Products Will Turn Your Bath Time To A Spa Experience


These Two Skincare Products Will Turn Your Bath Time To A Spa Experience

These Two Skincare Products Will Turn Your Bath Time To A Spa Experience

Don’t deprive yourself of some refreshing skincare that’s turns your bathroom into your personal aromatherapy session.

We are still in the house but that doesn’t mean we can’t keep finding new ways to pamper ourselves.The Skin Authority Well-Being Bath & Shower Retreat along with the Indigo Wild Zum Body Scrub is a match made in heaven.

Just let your soul glow!

You’ve watched your favorite movies about 3 or 4 times in the past three months. You’ve been receiving Amazon boxes every week. You’ve redecorated your house and arranged your bookcase by color and genre. Now you’re thinking about what else you can do to make yourself feel better.

The bathroom is probably your only time to unwind and in times like this so why not maximize your shower time with products that will refresh your body mind and soul? Bath time for me is the only time I can get to breathe and regroup quietly without thinking about anybody else but myself. And since we can’t go outside, why not turn your bathroom into a spa?

The Skin Authority Well-Being & Shower Retreat If you are a fan of Dr. Bonners you will definitely appreciate this cleanser. The Skin Authority Well-Being Shower Retreat is packed with Vitamin D, citrus, mint and pine and it instantly relieves stress and muscle pain. This is the perfect quarantine pick-me-up for those who are still in the house and need a body and muscle refresher. When I tried it, I felt soothed and the steam from my shower whipped all those essential scents in my bathroom around my apartment. You could smell the mint and citrus all the way from my front door. It is the perfect aromatherapy solution and it definitely made me feel more cheerful, upbeat and relaxed after getting out of the shower. Indigo Wild Zum Sea Salt Body Scrub While you are getting caught up in the deliciousness of the Well-Being Cleanser, you should complete the experience by using some Indigo Wild Zum body scrub. It comes in three scents; Sea Salt, Frankincense and Myrrh and Almond-Orange and just like SKin Authority it is packed with tons of essentials oils. Unlike other body scrubs, this scrub doesn’t contain microbeads. Just sea salt, vitamin E, sunflower oil and essential oils make up this supreme body bath salt. It does a great job of exfoliating your body and giving you a nice moisturized and polish feeling but don’t use too much, you might make your bathtub slippery. Ask me how I know. I tried both of these together and my bathroom smelled amazing. It was like a pressure cooker humidifier. The steam paired with the essential oils really opened my pores and my skin felt clean and relaxed. As a mom, my toddler wears me out sometimes and I find myself sleeping on three-hour cycles pretty often. When my toddler isn’t following me into the bathroom I love every minute I can have to myself. Not only does my bathroom and apartment smell fantastic but my body feels much calmer. The best thing about these products is they aren’t super expensive. So when I run out I won’t feel like I’m making a guilty purchase. Look, we all have to treat ourselves as we continue to bunker down during this pandemic and these spa-like beauty items help a lot.


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