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Here Is A List Of Rappers Who Would Be Good Comic Book Villains


Here Is A List Of Rappers Who Would Be Good Comic Book Villains

With Krondon aka Tobias Whale killing it as one of the best black villains that have hit television in a long time, it made me think about others rappers who would be great villains as well. Most rappers already have created their unforgettable persona and have even made themselves the bad guy in the hip-hop world. So it wouldn’t be too far-fetched for them to collect a check to boss people around, scare folks and even kill people who get in their way. But not all villains are created equal, right? Here is a short list of rappers who I think, if given the chance they would make some bad ass comic book villains. Some don’t even need practice.


I mean he thinks he’s the greatest rapper already and is always ready to battle. He doesn’t care about the community like he claims he does unless they follow his totalitarian views of blackness. He also doesn’t mind black people being harmed for the culture. He would make the perfect street villain that wants to run his community without actually making progress.


Diddy, Puffy, P-Diddy, Puff Daddy – all those aliases are perfect for making a villain. He would be like Lex Luthor sans the mastermind. He would be the richest person in the city and would buy all the local politicians and community leaders to turn a cheek to his shenanigans and low-tier world domination plans. He would ruin careers and profit from everyone he knows.

Missy Elliot

Missy would be a genie. Now whether she would be a good genie or bad genie would be up to the user who finds her. No matter what path she chooses she would have dope theme music and wear fly, shiny outfits. Her hair would also be laid. Her lamp would be filled with marijuana smoke.


Nigga! Before Mahershala Ali was Cottonmouth, there was DMX. DMX would whoop your ass and your favorite superhero ass. DMX is the villain we all want but don’t deserve. He is so good of an actor he’s getting movie scripts in jail right now. He would be the hitman of a villain whose loyalty is paid-for-hire only.

Killer Mike

Killer Mike would be the fake intellectual villain that only attacks women. I could see Misty Knight or Jessica Jones beating his ass for trying to argue with them over his bullshit word salads while wearing his plastic non-prescription glasses. He would be the villain that partners with bigger bad guys to make himself more valuable but would get killed for being a goofy.

Black Thought

Black Thought would be the wordsmith. He probably wouldn’t talk much until it was absolutely necessary. Whatever he says would become a reality. Like literally. He would speak your death into existence with 16 bars. He would be like some mystique ass warlock. He would be unfuckwittable.

Busta Rhymes

Busta would be super animated. He would run up on you and your crew with clown masks on and they would be rock colorful outfits. Their guns would look like super soaker guns but would probably be filled with poison. He would be in the back of the strip club doing all types of illegal activity while doing coke. He would be like the Joker but not as psychotic.

Queen Latifah

The Queen would be a BOSS, She wouldn’t have special powers but she would be well connected and make people disappear with one phone call. She would eliminate you, especially if you disrespect her. Killer Mike would be DOA. She would be the first black, mafia recognized leader. Politicians would fear her and gangsters would respect her.

Erykah Badu

Badu would be a witch. She would be able to channel the souls of her former lovers and use their powers to control others. She would hypnotize people who stared at her too long and her herbal teas would be conjuring recipes to either cure or kill. She would be hexing hoes.

LL Cool J

We all remember In Too Deep right? So bet, LL, could be a street-level boss. He would probably hire DMX if things got too hot and he didn’t want to get too much blood on his hands. He wouldn’t have as much money as Diddy but he would be more respected in the streets. He’d also be the one to off Killer Mike.

Kanye West

Outside of being vocal about supporting #45 and already looking like a Golden Lord, Kanye would be a villain driven by his temper tantrums and narcissism. He would convince the community he is fighting for them but he would never help them and he would actively support politicians and public figures that want them to die. He would provide quality entertainment to fool the public but the Queen would discover his weakness for white women that want to look like exotics and she’ll make him cry in public.


CeeLo would be a robot from outta space. He’s not human. His spaceship looks like a cross between the Yellow Submarine and P-Funk Mothership. He would wear bizarre outfits and stroke his cat just like Doctor Claw. He would be like Mojo Jojo with a lighter, raspy voice looking for people to conquer with his tunes and loud, abrasive outfits.

Snoop Dogg

Snoop like the Queen would be a mafia-like villain. He should be on the next season of The Punisher. He would control all the marijuana on the coast and everyone would need to go through him. He’d probably have to off Kanye for being so goofy and loud but he’d be cool with DMX and LL Cool J. Depending on the situation, he might even be cool with Latifah. Snoop would be nasty with guns but that wouldn’t be his first option but you wouldn’t want to press your luck with him either.

So what do you think of the list? Who would you add? Let us know.



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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Luke Hardeman

    April 26, 2018 at 12:38 PM

    This roster of villians would be highly entertaining across different media platforms. It could work as a standalone graphic novel, as an entire series, or a live-action drama. Honestly, it would make for a great excuse to produce a next-gen sequel to Def Jam Vendetta, re-imagined as an open world.

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