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Trendsetter Black Girl Gamer Entrepreneur, Aziza, Breaks Down Barriers in the FGC


Trendsetter Black Girl Gamer Entrepreneur, Aziza, Breaks Down Barriers in the FGC

Black Girl Gamer, entrepreneur and esports team owner Aziza Brown gives us the inside scoop of what it’s like in the esports business. Aziza, owner of Dynamik  Focus, founded her esports team over a year ago. Her team primarily competes in fighting games. I had a chance to sit down and ask her about her journey. We got to the meat and potatoes of her being a Black woman in the Fighting Game Community and esports world.
What are the games in which you compete?
“My team competes in Street Fighter, Tekken7, Injustice 2, Killer Instinct, Pokken Tournament and Dragon Ball FighterZ.
I haven’t competed in a while. I used to play Soul Calibur, Guilty Gear X and DDR really heavy in college. I worked conventions and never learned about the actual scene until a few years ago.”

How did you find your players and what are the services you provide for them?
“I find my players through the local east coast scene and going to majors. I research their personalities and how they will fit.Currently, I am not a sponsored org, but I am focusing on that goal. I help with travel, career building and understanding social marketing.”

Any challenge in your field because you are a double minority?
“Well, that isn’t really a challenge that I can gauge right now because I am still a growing entity. I am growing a brand in a market just beginning to notice me. So currently, my gender or race isn’t a factor. It’s basically just growing my network.”

Read the complete interview here.

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