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Valiant Comics is giving away free comics on social media


Valiant Comics is giving away free comics on social media

Valiant Comics is giving away free comics on social media

We are going to be spending a lot of time together with this Coronavirus spreading the way it is. If you are like me, you will be catching up on much-needed rest and reading. It’s still Women’s History Month and you might as well use this time to get familiar with some dope female protagonists. Valiant Comics was kind enough to release not one but two free comics for everyone to access.

To be fair, I have been curious about Livewire for quite some time now but I’ve never had the opportunity to read it. I saw them at New York Comic Con 2019 but I didn’t stop to pick up a few trades. Now that there are a few copies available for the public I can’t wait to dive into Livewire. First of all, the colors and the art looks amazing.

Here is a quick description of Livewire from Valiant Comics:

Livewire is Amanda McKee, a powerful Psiot with the ability to control machines. She is a member of the Harbinger Foundation loyal to Toyo Harada, but has also worked against Harada when she believes his power needs to be checked. She has also been a member of the superhero team Unity.

She is a psionic technopath, able to control computers, and micro-circuitry with her mind.

She looks like a total badass and it has definitely piqued my interest.

I get really excited about seeing Black women and people of color as cool, sci-fi heroes. If you are interested in other titles that feature Black girls as protagonists, check out this list here.

To read Livewire for free, check out this link here.

I’m going to read this comic this week and add it to my never-ending list of reviews to post here on Fabulize. Stay tuned for the reviews.

Don’t forget to keep expanding your library with dope Black superheroes and stories!


Mad ethnic right now...

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