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So There’s This Prince Inspired Cookbook


So There’s This Prince Inspired Cookbook

But does this cookbook have those infamous pancakes, though? I read a few articles that stated Prince maintain a very healthy diet and I even believe it was said he was an on and off again vegan. Anyway, this cookbook had Prince-influenced baked good likes muffins and cakes. Do I think Prince will eat these? Probably not, but they are pretty to look at.

From Nerdist

You’ve listened to Prince‘s memorable songs over and over again. But what if those songs were turned into baked goods? That’s what London-based Cat Food Cakes has done with their Prince-inspired cookbook from Belly Kids, Little Red Velvette. And yes, that is the best possible name. Cat Food Cakes pulled ideas from Prince’s work and life and turned them into magical-looking confections such as Purple Rain ombre cake, Most Beautiful Swirl in the World, and Breakfast Can Wait. Uh, is it time for dessert yet?

If you’re drooling over the notion of Purple Rain cake, we’re excited to exclusively share the full recipe–just be sure to click to enlarge.

The elaborate confections, because the recipes are all about the sweet side of life, are both elegant and loud, which makes me think of Prince’s many iconic outfits. I love the use of color in both the finished bakes and within the pages of the cookbook. The graphics are right out of the ’80s and ’90s.

Little Red Velvette is available for pre-order from Belly Kids. It’s scheduled to ship in April on the anniversary of Prince’s death. You can view more photos from the cookbook in the gallery below.

Which recipe in the cookbook sounds most appealing to you? Raspberry Beret tarts? Purple Rain ombre cake?


Mad ethnic right now...

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