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Scorpio: Urban fantasy comic for zodiac lovers


Scorpio: Urban fantasy comic for zodiac lovers

Scorpio: Urban fantasy comic for zodiac lovers

Love urban fantasy and zodiac lore? Well, you might be interested in Scorpio by John Robinson IV. The highly anticipated series packs colorful art along with mysticism and action. Scorpio is currently live in Kickatarter and they could use your support with ensuring this second book comes to life. You can catch-up with the series by ordering the first book online.

From the press release:


Indie comics creator and writer John Robinson IV has returned to Kickstarter with issue #2 of Scorpio, a 24-page, full color, urban fantasy comic about 12 mystical relics that are each empowered by the Zodiac. This project was inspired by his interest in astrology as well as his passion for seeing diverse characters across diverse personality types.

Scorpio revolves around Daniel Shim, a young CEO who is in possession of the mystical Scorpio relic. Little does he know, Naomi Miles- a deadly assassin who has been training most of her life to use this relic- is after him, as well as other, even more mysterious parties. After he is attacked, he finds himself dragged into a war that he never knew existed, where he experiences the true power of each of the Zodiac signs, full force.

Scorpio is edited by Andrea Smith, who has worked on Beautiful Soldiers and various Shortfuse Media projects. It’s drawn by Marco Zuffranieri, student of Spider-Man: Miles Morales co-creator, Sara Pichelli, and colored by Viviana Spinelli who has worked on projects such as Titan comics’ Doctor Who.

John believes that Diversity is an important aspect of storytelling and is using the characters he creates in Scorpio to represent a broad spectrum of individuals from all walks of life. With a dozen signs and relics that can be passed from one person to another, this zodiac-based comic has the ability to put the power in anyone’s hands.

The kickstarter will give fans the opportunity to collect Scorpio #1 and #2 as well as a host of other amazing rewards such as clothing, variant covers, art prints, and even a text-based adventure game that will allow players to dive in and interact with and navigate Scorpio’s world themselves, or to see themselves drawn as the Herald of their Zodiac sign!

Back the kickstarter now to support this new, diverse project.



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