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Why do so many people want Dwayne Wade to hate his child?


Why do so many people want Dwayne Wade to hate his child?

Why do so many people want Dwayne Wade to hate his child?

Gabrielle Union-Wade
Gabrielle Union-Wade/Instagram

It is such a weird thing to see on the internet…

Recently, Dwayne Wade did an interview on Showtime’s All The Smoke podcast and revealed that his child Zion. People were already criticizing the Wades after a photo went viral that showed Zion with what it looked to be nail polish and/or tips. Unfortunately, the homophobia jumped out of people quickly as they felt the need to mock the child and question the Wade’s parenting skills.

The Wade’s are showing us, how to be positive parents. Unfortunately, positive parenting isn’t the norm for many, especially in the Black community. People were suggesting that the Wade’s should disown or even beat their child for simply expressing who they are. Why do so many people want this family to hate their child? Why should this child receive harm for wanting to be who they feel represents their best self? Why are adults so intolerant about how a child wants to self-identify?

Black people being homophobic is a hindrance to the community as a whole. There is nothing embarrassing about raising queer children. In fact, many should use the opportunity to educate themselves. Queer children who are raised in environments that support them have a higher self-esteem than those that do not. But the question remains, why wouldn’t you want to support and protect your child?

Maybe people think intolerance is protection. Some people feel that if they are hard on their children they are giving them first-hand real-world experience. However, a child’s home should be a safe space. They should be the most comfortable at home and they shouldn’t feel like they have to hide from their own family. Tolerance isn’t enough. The days of tolerating queer and trans kids but “not agreeing with their choices” are long gone, hopefully. You have to accept, love and nurture your child no matter what they identify with as long as they are being safe. As parents, you are the first protectors and if your child doesn’t feel protected by you, then you have failed.

Interesting enough, the “destruction of the Black family” crowd were the first ones to spew hatred against Zion. It seems the only agenda present is the heteronormative one. Folks are all for Black love and Black family until you add a queer or trans person to the equation. The Wade’s are laying the groundwork on raising emotionally secure and intelligent children and we should all take notice and congratulate them.


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