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Fabulize Reads: Memories of Mom by Alexia Fraser


Fabulize Reads: Memories of Mom by Alexia Fraser


Glamorous. Regal. Inspirational; a great mother and a phenomenal daughter. These are just some of the many wonderful things that can be said about author/glamazon, Alexia Fraser. As a young girl, Alexia grew up with the greatest role model in front of her to help shape the woman she was destined to become–a resilient woman whose strength, like her beauty, was a gift from God. A woman whose peaceful spirit, unyielding grace, and faith was a mirror reflection for Alexia to aspire to emulate—none other than her mother, Daphne Monica Spence.

Most women look to their mothers for guidance and strength, while others declare their mothers Wonder Woman.

Women have a tremendous responsibilty of raising children; not to imply that men have it easier, but from conception until a woman dies she remains a mother to her children.

I’m filled with excitement when I think about the positive women I see all the time. My absolute favorite is our First Lady Michelle Obama and my grandmother.

Fraser paints a beautiful tale of her mother growing up in the island of Jamaica that many of us from around the globe can relate to when it comes to our mothers and other positive women we’ve grew up with. Alexia tells us about her personal style and why she felt compelled to write Memories of Mom ( available here).

Define your personal style and how it influences your creativity and writing.
My personal style is defined by a sense of understated elegance. This is reflected in a creative writing style that emphasizes the power of keeping things simple and real.

Who are your favorite writers and authors?
Just to name a few: Maya Angelou for the way “her actions and words continue to stir our souls, energize our bodies, liberate our minds and heal our hearts.”
I also love Barack Obama for is strong belief in hope and change.

What’s your favorite winter trend?
My favorite winter trends are fabulous comfortable ankle boots, a nicely fitted black turtle neck sweater and colorful scarves.

What is something you want readers to experience when reading your memoir, Memories of Mom?
I would like all readers of Memories of Mom, to experience the value of having our elders amongst us and the need to be more compassionate, loving and patient toward them.

You can catch up with Alexia on her website and Twitter for more information.


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