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Anti-vaxxer Twitter user claims vaccines gives babies Alzheimer’s


Anti-vaxxer Twitter user claims vaccines gives babies Alzheimer’s

Anti-vaxxer Twitter user claims vaccines gives babies Alzheimer’s

She said it with her whole chest, too.

This planet is truly ghetto. We live amongst people who will proudly get body enhancements and face fillers with no issue or concern ( which is their choice) but the idea of getting their children vaccinations is where they question science and medical procedures. Now, to be fair, it is understandable for Black people to be sensitive and apprehensive about the medical community. The history and tragedies of the Tuskegee experiment ( which baited several hundred Black, poor men to be used as experiments to find a cure for syphilis) and Henrietta Lacks (whose cells were used to countless research) are more than valid reasons to question medical professionals. However, as adults, we must be rational in the safety of our children. We have folks who don’t wash their legs and hands or faces on a daily basis. We have to protect our children by any means necessary.

This all started when the model, IG vixen and rapper’s Rick Ross ex-girlfriend Lira Galore posted a question to her followers on Twitter about vaccinating her infants. First of all, yes, vaccinate your babies, especially your babies. Lira Galore who embraces invasive beauty enhancements herself wanted to know people’s “thoughts” on vaccinations and that opened up the pathway to foolishness.

As a new mom, I am always concerned with my child’s health. The thought of her being sick because I refused to protect her health is something I can not imagine. Yes, I breastfeed and there are health benefits to nursing for both her and me, however, in 2020, there is no reason for children to be dying from preventable diseases. Is it possible for a child to be healthy without being vaccinated? I am sure it is possible if you homeschool your child and are in a community where the environment is controlled. For instance, there are tribes across the planet that rely on their native traditions and teachings to maintain their way of life. That is acceptable because, in those areas, everyday people like you and me or banned from interacting with them. Our ( you and me) mere existence will wipe out their entire population.

I want parents ( who benefit from vaccinations) to really use their critical thinking skills and do research on vaccinations. It has been debunked several times over that vaccines do not cause autism let alone Alzheimer’s. At the heart of the anti-vax argument is ableism; parents blaming their children’s disability on vaccines. If you are not willing to raise children who may learn or behave differently or have limitations, chances are you are not ready to be a parent.


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