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Bestselling Bitter Root is now in development and is kicking off a new arc


Bestselling Bitter Root is now in development and is kicking off a new arc

Bestselling Bitter Root is now in development and is kicking off a new arc

Give Bitter Root their things.

As you may or may not know right now, Ryan Coogler is currently in production to turn the Bitter Root comic into a film. With that being said, the Bitter Root crew is coming back with some new conjuring-horror tales for us in their new arc. Have you ever read Bitter Root? Well, let me catch you up.

Bitter Root is set during the Harlem Renaissance so the background is very jazz heavy mixed with Black American storytelling and themes. In Bitter Root, you meet the Sangerye Family, a family that is not just heavily armed in weapons but also in potions and magic. Their job is to keep New York City and the world safe from monsters that thump throughout the night. But like any family, people have their differences and tragedies and the family finds that all of them are not operating on the same moral code they thought they were. The Sangerye family tries to patch up their own family drama of the past so they can all be on accord to fight the monsters and survive.

The new arc entails a brand new adventure and I am pretty sure we will see new monsters, too.

But according to the press release, these new challenges aren’t just regular monsters. Some of them could possibly be their loved and family members they thought lost or dead. So it’s possible zombies might be on the possible horizon. Cullen has changed, and everyone is concerned because that could be good or bad as far as the family is concerned. The family will need all help they can get, as a new threat has arrived on planet Earth.

“The anticipation of Bitter Root’s return has been beyond exhilarating,” said Greene. “We can’t wait for people to see where we are going with this story. I have never been more proud of a body of work.”

Be on a lookout for the next variant covers for Bitter Root. According to the Bitter Root team, they will be rolling out covers that celebrate various depictions of Black culture of the next few issues. Bitter Root is available through Image Comics and your local comic book shop.


Mad ethnic right now...

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