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Potion 54 by Jill Martin is a delightful spring fragrance that appeals to everyone


Potion 54 by Jill Martin is a delightful spring fragrance that appeals to everyone

As the seasons change, so does our perfume and fragrance choices. Now that the spring season is here, it’s time to switch up our winter scents for a lighter and fresher scent. With notes such as vanilla, waterlily and bergamot you will feel the beauty of flavor without feeling overpowered.

Potion 54 by Jill Martin eliminates the worry of over-spraying by offering a rolling bottle so you can layer the fragrance just right. The scent is so welcoming and airy you won’t ever doubt that you are wearing too much.

Who should try Potion 54?

Anyone who desires and beautiful everyday scent that isn’t too extreme. If you enjoy vanilla scents without smelling too sweet, this is the scent for you. The bergamot in Potion 54 ensures that the vanilla doesn’t smell too sweet but it leaves a pleasant, fresh scent for you and those around you.

The vanilla is the first scent you smell and it smells like fresh cookies but then it fades into a more mature scent which is attributed to the bergamot and waterlily. The waterlily allows Potion 54 to not make you smell like a teenager who has been at the mall all day.

Vanilla sometimes puts people off because they assume they will smell too sweet but as a layering note, it can smell clean and forgiving. It’s a great fragrance if you’re going to work, the PTA, on a date or just running to the market for odds and ends. There’s not a bad occasion to wear Potion 54 and it works as a good default perfume for those that find themselves wearing a variety of perfume and fragrances throughout the year.

I tried Potion 54 recently and I like it because it doesn’t bother my baby. I’ve had to reconsider some of my favorite fragrances since I’ve had my baby and so far, this seems to be a real winner. It’s a great fragrance for your everyday needs as well for special occasions. It has a subtle linger that’s pleasantly unforgettable.


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