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June is gone but Fabulize Mag had fun


June is gone but Fabulize Mag had fun

June was such a busy month, but I had fun meeting new people and interviewing up-coming talent in the beauty,fashion and visual arts industries. I think the biggest joy was attending Full Figured Fashion Week or FFFWeek and being around beautiful, stylish and vivacious women that are serious about their fashion. I also got the opportunity to be around plus-size designers and publications that were just happy. Now I always got to New York Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, but FFFWeek was more fun. It was like a bunch of girlfriends coming together wearing their best (while saving money because it was sponsored by K-Mart) and just truly appreciating fashion for what it is – personal style.

Another favorite story of mines was of Ebony J. Lewis. Ebony is an actress, writer and director of her own web-series called “Truth UnSpoken”. If you follow my personal crazy twitter (not for the easily offended), then you know the story of how I met Ebony. I watched her web-series and she is dope. I believe everyone should support her and her journey to becoming a mainstream thespian.

Fabulize Mag without a doubt gain the most hits with our giveaway from AromaFloria. As you may or may not know Fabulize Magazine is small but our numbers jumped tremendously in June so I am proud of that. Currently, I write, publish and interview everyone myself so I try to cover as much as I can without compromising my goals and intentions with Fabulize mag. I also want to thank for always supporting my efforts to help educate women of color about beauty products and skincare regimes. MySkin is an awesome and incredible learning tool for women(and men) that want to customize products for their skin.

Fashion! Fashion! Fashion! Kiran Goraya, celebrity stylist and content coordinator for Dr. Jay’s invited me to her birthday/ launch party where all of NYC’s urban fashion elite were in attendance. Amazing cupcakes and drinks were served and awesome giftbags were given to guests.

As far as art is concerned nothing right now is comparing to the exhibit of Alexander McQueen at the Met Museum. The dark and romantic themes and costumes are remarkable to say the least. That is also another favorite story I did and I love.

I love Jill Scott so much I always feature her! I don’t even need to explain that.

So as July is here I started the month off right with a new designer named Tyron Perrin who designed the dress that made Free a trending topic on twitter for two days! On one hand I can understand why Free would feel offended and objectified, but I can also understand why she is flattered. Fabulize Magazine in no ways seeks to objectify any woman- I’m all about celebrating beauty.

So I want to thank you for reading Fabulize and I hope you like the content and continue to support.



Mad ethnic right now...

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