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I Like sucking D***, But It’s Not Because I’m Fat


I Like sucking D***, But It’s Not Because I’m Fat


Yeah, so there’s this stereotype that men and maybe women think that fat women are the epitome of giving oral sex and us fluffies are great at doing so for various reasons. For example, some men think bigger women have low self-esteem and are willing to do any and everything to hold and obtain the interest of a man. 

I was reading an article that touched on these issues and it made me think of all the stereotypes men have had about me based on my appearance. Some men automatically assume I know how you suck dick, cook and yearn to be submissive – um, absolutely not.

I suck dick because I want to, not because I have to. I don’t set out to meet a man and force him to like me by being overly submissive and doing acts of desperation to keep him. Plus we all know that a woman can’t keep a man that doesn’t want to be kept, no matter what she does.

So fellas, yes I’m extra fluffy. Yes I like to cook sometimes but that’s my choice, not yours.  If I’m I’m the mood to take your soul it’s because I want to, not because you expect me to.



Mad ethnic right now...

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