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Exclusive: Saxophonist/Singer Kat Rodriguez and her post-Super Bowl Interview ( and those lights!)


Exclusive: Saxophonist/Singer Kat Rodriguez and her post-Super Bowl Interview ( and those lights!)

Kat on the Sax at the Super Bowl!

Kat on the Sax at the Super Bowl!

It’s just February and it is without a shadow of a doubt the ladies are bringing in the New Year in style and in charge. It’s been a week since the Super Bowl and while we miss football, we can’t stop talking about the Halftime performance. If you haven’t heard, Fabulize Mag is going digital this month on Feb. 13th! Our cover girl, Kat Rodriguez, give us an exclusive post-Super Bowl interview and she talks about her outfit, the preparation for the show and how it feels to shut ” The Lights Out” in New Orleans.

You just performed at the Super Bowl and you literally turned the lights out! How do you feel now?

Kat: I feel incredible! It’s the Superbowl, one of the biggest shows you can do, so it feels more than amazing. Honestly, it’s a high that’s kind of hard to come off.

How much did you put into rehearsing for this performing?

Kat: We rehearsed in New Orleans (or Nawlins like the natives say) for 2 weeks. We were in rehearsal every day, from morning until late at night.

You looked great on television. How does it feel to see yourself on prime-time?

Kat: Well, I’ve done the Grammy’s, AMA’s, Oprah etc., so I’ve seen myself on prime-time before. The thing is; it’s always a bit surreal. The Superbowl had 135 million viewers, that’s a lot!

It’s Black History month and you’ve performed at the biggest live sporting event this year. How does that make you feel as a woman of color?

Kat: It makes me look back at history and feel grateful. I remember the things my mom went through as a woman of color when she first came to this country. I feel like a testament to progress; no matter what race you are, or where you come from, you can do what you put your mind to.

Surprise, surprise as the debut issue of draws nears, you are the cover girl! Are you excited?

Kat: Of course! Who wouldn’t be? That’s something that you dream of as a child. You go to supermarkets, doctors, practically anywhere, and you can see a magazine. To grace my first cover is an honor.

There aren’t many women saxophone players that are celebrated in mainstream media; do you feel women in the music industry are finally making their marks?

Kat: Female musicians in the industry are starting to emerge, but we have a long way to go. Every era, I feel there are women who make their mark, like Cindy Blackman, Sheila E., and Meshell Ndegeocello to name a few. But, those are only a handful compared to the men that get the recognition they deserve. We are out here and slowly but surely we are making strides.

Explain how you felt as the countdown winded down and it was time to perform?

Kat: I literally said “God, thank you for letting me do what I love.” Then I started to play.

Tell us about the costume you wore?

Kat: My dress was a BeBe little black fitted dress, my shoes were Lanvin’s gold brocade thigh high boots, and my necklace was by Alexis Bittar… talk about SEXY! Javetta, an amazing makeup artist from New Orleans, beat my face! The star of my look was definitely a Mac ( m.a.c. cosmetics) Red lip pencil that she used as a lipstick/stain and, her specialty, my eyebrows! ( hair was done by Felicia Alphonso)

Being part of an all girl, super band with the world’s biggest entertainer, Beyonce, how does that help you with your own personal image as a musician and as a woman?

You live and you learn! I spend my time sharing a stage with amazing women and soaking everything in. The things I learn on stage and in practice helps me implement even the little things into my daily life, like work ethic. I can try, but the truth is, I can’t really explain it. It’s an experience.

Check out our version of Kat’s outfit here.


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