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But What If Though: A Living Single and Superhero mashup you never knew you needed


But What If Though: A Living Single and Superhero mashup you never knew you needed

But What If Though: A Living Single and Superhero mashup you never knew you needed

So, everyone knows Living Single is my favorite sitcom of all time, right? Now picture those fly ass girls as your favorite superheroes? Instead of Maxine Shaw, attorney at law, there’s another hungry ( pun intended) snarky, lawyer superhero around? Yup, you guessed it—Jen Walters aka She-Hulk. Who else could play the hard-working, dedicated Khadijah James? Nobody else but Monica Rambeau. Misty Knight as Sinclaire James might seem odd at first but they have a few things in common. They both have naturals and are dedicated to their friends and loved ones. Storm as Regine Hunter is a beautiful plot twist. Seeing Storm embrace all her petty and fashion looks has me already hooked for more future stories.

The concept was created by Stephaine Williams and artist Erin O’Neil Jones. Williams currently writes for SYFY FANGIRLS. The former host of both the Lemonade Podcast and the Misty Knight’s Uninformed Afro Podcast is known on Twitter for making epic meme threads featuring comic book characters. She is also writing a comic based on her experiences as a parent with a toddler called Parenthood Activate. Williams was recently featured on Fabulize for her Kickstarter project called Braxton: Regenesis.

But What If Though presents: Living Heroes

An ongoing mini-series within the BWIT webcomic centered around heroes Monica Rambeau, Storm, Misty Knight, and She-Hulk. Being a hero is tough so you can always use the support of your girls. Check back to see who else pops up in the Living Heroes world.

How fly is that? The Living Single is perfect for our favorite femme heroes to exchange thoughts, argue with each other and help each other in hard times. I can’t wait to see the fights and girls’ talk strips.

If you enjoyed these strips, make sure you support her. Follow her on Twitter and find out more.


Mad ethnic right now...

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