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The 2014 Ultimate Guide to Women’s Eyewear


The 2014 Ultimate Guide to Women’s Eyewear

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At the beginning of each year, we ask ourselves the age-old question: what are we going to wear? The beginning of the year brings the joy of a fresh start, but also the pressure of evolving and becoming mature, style-wise. It’s 2014, it’s the future, so we want to achieve our style goals while also having fun with fashion. And what better way to do that than with accessories? Keeping a minimal, capsule wardrobe can be achieved if you find the proper accessories. Street style blogs are the main source of inspiration when we’re looking to find the latest trends. As for eyewear? It’s always in. Here’s what we’re looking forward to wearing on our noses and ears in 2014:

Mirror lenses: Carrera 5001 sunglasses; Ralph Lauren 5161 sunglasses; (photo: Street Style Aesthetic) Mirror lenses have conquered the streets in the past few seasons, and we’re not ready to let go of them just yet! While you can surely wear them in sporty, casual outfits, they also make a great accessory for more elegant, dressed-up looks. The preppy meets sporty contrast is so much fun!

Geek chic: Ray Ban 51521 eyeglasses; Burberry 2128 eyeglasses; (photo: The Sartorialist); The only style of eyeglasses that work on everyone is geek chic style: a thick, plastic frame that emphasizes the face. You can even get away with not wearing any make-up, and your eyes will still look contoured in these. Intrigued?

Unisex: Ray Ban 2140 sunglasses; Persol 7014 sunglasses; (photos: Street Style Aesthetic; Trendy Crew); Stealing from the boys has always been a pleasure for us, ladies. Unisex sunglasses are universally flattering, so you can wear them regardless of your face shape. Most often they’re Wayfarer style, or slightly rounded. Plus there’s nothing like wearing your boyfriend’s sunglasses…

Bright: Gucci 424 sunglasses; Marc Jacobs 420 sunglasses; (photo: Street Style Aesthetic). If you want to stand out, go bright! Not head to toe, of course. Acetate frames in neon colors or fun prints are a must in 2014, and they can make an outfit pop. And the best part is that you don’t have to match them with your outfit: just have fun!

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