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Best Selling Author And Nurse Shows Other Nurses How To Make 6 Figures


Best Selling Author And Nurse Shows Other Nurses How To Make 6 Figures

Best Selling Author And Nurse Shows Other Nurses How To Make 6 Figures

Princess Lomax has a new book that will help nurses to be an entrepreneur and have a 6-figure- income

Princess Lomax talks about her new book, 6 Highly Effective Strategies For Making 6 Figures As A Nurse and encourages nurses to not be afraid to hustle especially during a pandemic.

You probably never thought about nurses starting businesses while they are saving lives and helping people but it is possible. As essential workers, they risk their lives every day to help thousands of others but what if they want a change of pace or passive income? How can nurses make the transition to making the same money or even more than what they are currently making? Author Princess Lomax discusses how she was able to big her boss in and outside the emergency room with her bestselling book, ‘6 Highly Effective Strategies For Making 6 Figures As A Nurse’. We chatted about her winning boss chick strategy and how she’s encouraging others.

Tell us, how can nurses and other medical professionals grow their businesses during uncertain times like now?
Princess Lomax: Nurses and other medical professionals are in much higher demand since the COVID 19 outbreak, so it’s much easier for us to grow a variety of businesses just simply by posting and marketing our everyday work and letting the public know about our current businesses that we have already launched and or will be launching in the near future.

Why should nurses explore entrepreneurship?
Princess Lomax: I think that nurses should explore entrepreneurship because no job and or position is ever 100% safe from being eliminated. We as nurses work hard to take care of people and help build the brand of the corporations we are employed by, so I feel we should take that same energy and build our own brand, which will allow us to secure the bag and is a step towards having multiple streams of income.

What are some of the negative stereotypes you think are attached to nurses?
Princess Lomax: While working as a nurse, one of the negative stereotypes that I encountered was people thinking that all nurses do is sit at the nurses’ station and chart. Charting is a large portion of our everyday work life; however, taking care of the patients has always been our main and first priority.

In your opinion, what are some fool-proof businesses you think people don’t explore enough?
Princess Lomax: Well considering this pandemic that we are currently facing, I think some fool-proof businesses that people don’t explore enough is local supermarkets, food delivery companies, online teaching and technology companies as well as self-help apps for generating multiple streams of income.

Nurses usually work long hours and are in high demand, what ideal side business would you recommend?
Princess Lomax: For nurses that are currently working long hours that enjoy taking care of people, I would advise them to go back to school, further their education and pick a specialty to specialize in. This will provide them an opportunity to make more money while working fewer hours and working smarter not harder.

Do you think some nurses eventually feel overworked and underpaid or unfilled in their careers?
Princess Lomax: Nursing is a field that the majority of us will always feel overworked and underpaid. At the beginning of my career, I felt like that almost every day that I wet to work. Working as a young African American nurse, I felt that I was given the worst shifts, the worst assignments and was paid much less than my fellow co-workers.

How do you spend your time and days now?
Princess Lomax: I’m currently a Doctoral Prepared Family Nurse Practitioner, so I spend most of my days caring for and treating patients in the Geriatric population with multiple Chronic medical conditions during the morning hours and focus my attention to my personal businesses during the late afternoon and evening hours, like my CBD online business, speaking engagements related to being an author and an entrepreneur, and several brick-and-mortar businesses that I’m planning on launching once our country is back to what we will consider as normal.

How can aspiring entrepreneurs boss and level up?
Princess Lomax: Aspiring entrepreneurs can boss and level up by first finding something that they’re passionate about doing and finding a mentor that can help them bring their aspirations to life. Today’s aspiring entrepreneurs make the biggest mistake by trying to do what they may think is trending, instead of doing something that they can fall in love with over and over again, so that the work they’re putting into it doesn’t become a strain, it will always remain fun to fulfill.

What are 4 things every entrepreneur must have to be successful?
Princess Lomax: Four things that every entrepreneur must have to be and remain successful is a spiritual and or religious connection, something that will keep them grounded when times get rough. 2nd-A work life balance, when you’re your own boss you have to set limits and learn how to cut the working day off at a certain time everyday and enjoy the beauty of life itself. 3rd-Surround yourself around people that are more successful and wealthier than you are. If you are the smartest and wealthiest person in your inner circle, you have to change your circle in order to stay challenged and continue to grow. 4th-Build a team of people that can do the things that you either have no desire to do or that you don’t know how to do. It’s okay not to known how to do everything, as new entrepreneurs, people always try to do everything themselves.

If you had to do it all over again, would you have still pursued nursing or would you have gone straight to starting your own businesses?
Princess Lomax: If I had to do it all over again, I would have been serious about my nursing career straight out of high school, instead of procrastinating for several years by starting and stopping many nursing programs. Nursing allows me to give back by taking care of people that are hindered from taking care of them, which is one of my true passions. Being an entrepreneur allowed me to become the CEO that society pushes women to marry, so starting my own business sooner would have given me the advantage of becoming a CEO and or Boss Chick at an earlier age, so I choose them both.

Who do you feel needs to read your book?
Princess Lomax: I feel that my book needs to be read by every little brown girl in underprivileged areas that feel like they’re stuck in the ghetto and there’s no way out. I also feel that anyone that’s inspiring to become a nurse, any nursing student, any new and or novice nurses without a specialty and any other healthcare worker that feels undecided about their future needs to read my book.

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