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Makeup Brush Etiquette: How to buy and use Makeup brushes


Makeup Brush Etiquette: How to buy and use Makeup brushes

Makeup Brush Etiquette: How to buy and use Makeup brushes

Think of your face like your hair; you have different tools for your hair that all do different things and achieves different looks – the same rule of thumb applies for makeup brushes. Every brush is different and it will give you different looks which require a little patience but a lot of imagination. So grab your bag while Fabulize Mag evaluates and tells you what are the must-have brushes to any makeup kit personally and professionally.

Foundation Brush
Not your fingers, but a foundation brush is needed when you are using creams or liquid foundation. The foundation brush helps distributes makeup evenly and it eliminates the overuse of foundation (which we know you spent good money on). Foundation brushes vary by hairs- some brushes are synthetic, some squirrel and I’ve even seen fox hairs. Personally I think synthetic brushes are fine as a lot of cosmetic companies like SmashBox and Urban Decay and animal cruelty-free so their brushes are synthetic but tightly packed so they don’t shed.

One of my favorite foundation brushes is from HourGlass cosmetics and even at a step 65.00 the brush is not made of animal hair and it has never shed on me at all, not one single hair

Clinique brushes are great too. The foundation brush and it handle has a good group and the anti-bacterial brushes are great for oily or sensitive skin. SmashBox, Make Up For Ever, Nars, and Dior all get honorable mentions and a passing grade for having quality brushes.

Powder Brushes
Simply put, the bigger, the tighter the brush then the better the result. Big powder brushes might look intimidating but it spreads a little powder a long way.

Angle/ Eyebrow Brush
One of my favorite brushes are angled brushes because you can sculpt your brows and it is the ultimate brush for cream eyeliners and it could help transform your favorite eyeshadow to an eyeliner.

Eyeshadow Crease Brush
These brushes are a must-have if you enjoy eye makeup. Even if you don’t think you have a crease they shape of the brush and its hairs will deposit color based on the depths of your eye folds/crease and the pressure of your hand. This is great for blended and creating the smokey eye.

Eyeshadow Brushes
Eyeshadows brushes come in a variety of shapes and depending on the look you want you can end up with a million brushes. MAC, Benefit, Stilla,Lancome and Sigma Cosmetics all have great brushes. The basic eyeshadow brush is the All Over Eyeshadow Brush which is basically a brush you use for the entire lid.

Honorable Mentions

Stippling Brush- great for highlights and airbrush like finishes
Angled Blush Brushes- perfect for those who feel they can’t apply brush properly on want to venture into contouring
Lip Brush- for the ultimate pretty pout
Concealer Brush- for you eyes to brighten and even the tone of your skin
Smudge Brush- another tool to add to your smokey eye must-have. The smudge brush adds depth.
Fan Brush- this is an all-purpose brush, you can use it for blush or clean excess makeup from your face.


Cinema Secrets has one of the best cleaners ever. It smells heavenly and it cleans brushes instantly.

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  1. Uynasye

    August 17, 2012 at 7:34 PM

    Hi, re eyeliner, do you have any ideas on how to create the dark look with eye-liner? I have tried a few times but been not very successful unfortunately. Thankyou!

    • Erika

      August 19, 2012 at 8:15 PM

      The easiest way is to get an Eyeliner that is kohl based that has an smudge brush attached. It would look like an eraser. Or, you can try M.A.C.’s black kohl pencil answer smudge lightly with a QTip … Let me know if it works.

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