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I tried the Lab to Beauty CBD shampoo and conditioner on my locs and this is what happened


I tried the Lab to Beauty CBD shampoo and conditioner on my locs and this is what happened

Trying Lab to Beauty CBD hair products as a natural hair, breastfeeding mom

I tried the Lab to Beauty CBD shampoo and conditioner on my locs and this is what happened

I am always up to trying new products and I have been extra curious to try CBD products but I’ve been hesitant because I am still breastfeeding. However, Lab to Beauty was kind enough to allow me to try their CBD shampoo and conditioner and I figured why not? I was already due for a good wash so it was perfect timing.

Now, just for the record, I have long locs. I’ve been growing my locs for over a decade and I am a shampoo junkie. I go through shampoo like water. I tend to buy shampoos that are available in larger bottles because standard bottles don’t last very long for me. The Lab to Beauty CBD shampoo comes in a standard size of 8oz bottles and has attractive ingredients such as aloe vera and rosemary. If you are a naturalista, you are familiar with how good and light aloe vera is on your hair and the benefits of using aloe vera when it comes to retwisting your locs.

When it comes to conditioners, I either love it or hate it. There really isn’t an in-between for me on conditioners. Conditioners are either too heavy which can cause extra build-up in my hair and weigh it down or it is not conditioning enough to replenish any lost natural oils my hair needs. I tend to look for conditioners that will give my hair shine and clean. I have more conditioners in my house than shampoos because a good conditioner is hard to find for locs.

So, I hope in the shower and I try the shampoo. Remember, my locs are a little bit past my waist so I need more than a dime-sized amount of shampoo. I need about two fists full of shampoo to really give my hair a good rinse. I was reluctant to do so because the Lab to Beauty CBD shampoo retails at $46. But I did it anyway because I wanted to experience the CBD shampoo on my hair. My first impression was the smell. The rosemary and mint combination was quite pleasant in the shower. I instantly forgot the luxury price tag and allowed myself to be soothed by the shampoo. After I washed the shampoo out my hair I added the conditioner.

The conditioner, let me tell you about the conditioner. Let me be clear and say that I absolutely love mint in my hair products because it’s a great way to alleviate any itching in your scalp. But Lab to Beauty’s CBD conditioner instantly cooled my scalp. As I massaged the conditioner in my hair, my entire head felt like it was being massaged. I don’t know if that was the intended effect of the CBD but it is a perfect combination for my long, natural hair. I even let the conditioner sit in my hair for about 10 minutes to make it deeply penetrated my follicles. The clean tingle I experienced never faded and I absolutely love that! After I washed the conditioner out of my hair and wrung out my hair hair, I still felt that tingle in my hair from the conditioner. It made me feel like my hair was clean and my scalp relieved.

The Lab to Beauty are definitely luxurious hair products. If I had to make a choice I would buy the conditioner over the shampoo. However, I’m going to try the apple vinegar cleaning on my locs and revisit the Lab to Beauty shampoo and conditioner again. I wonder what it will feel like on newly cleaned and stripped locs? I’ll post an update when I try it out.


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