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Fabulize Mag Was Featured in Black Enterprise Because My Superheroes Are Black!


Fabulize Mag Was Featured in Black Enterprise Because My Superheroes Are Black!

My Superheroes Are Black! Brooklyn Takeover

It’s almost April and yes, we are still talking about Black Panther. Do you want to know why? It’s because it’s going to be the number one superhero movie of all time. Last month was so wild for me, Fabulize and the #MySuperheroesAreBlack team. What started off as 100 friends and supporters turned to an event where I was hosting over 300! I was so overwhelmed, overworked, stressed and exhausted. I was terrfied that everything would go wrong, nobody would be happy and I would ruin everyone’s night. Of course things weren’t perfect, but overall, people had fun and we had a bomb afterparty. The good folks at Black Swan in Brooklyn, New York were able to host over 200 of us for great food and drinks. Fabulize will be hosting more events this year and I hope more people come out and enjoy the good times with us!

Fabulize is officially working with GoodWoodNYC to make limited edition Fabulize X My Superheroes Are Black! pieces. Stay tuned for that update!

What seemed like a difficult and impossible task, turned out to be one of the most remarkable experiences I’ve ever had and it made the stress and exhaustion well worth it. I created the changed I wanted to see. I walked my talk from begining to end. It was fantastic. I was in the company of greatness; creatives, supporters, entertainers, athletes, educators, comic fans, kids and everything in-between. It was excellent and I am forever honored that all these humans trusted me enough to host them. I promise to be better next time and I thank you all for trusting me.

From Black Enterprise:

Tonight, the blerds (a portmanteau of ‘black’ and ‘nerd’) meet Black Panther. Not literally though.

Organized by Fabulize Magazine in New York City, 300 black nerds, or blerds, as they call themselves, will attend what is being deemed the biggest private screening of Marvel’s highly anticipated movie, Black Panther.

“My readers convinced me to hold this private event because they wanted to celebrate not just Black Panther but they see how powerful and important black heroes are,” Erika Hardison, founder of the magazine said in a press release. “This is an exciting time to be a minority indie creator so I wanted to make sure they were included in this celebration too.”


The fun doesn’t stop there.

Love Seat, an independent film directed by Victorious De Costa will also be shown. The silent film, accompanied by soul music, follows the relationship between a man, a woman, and a couch.

The private screening will also feature guests such as Grammy-nominated singer, Berry Boo; Global Music Awards winner, Militia Vox; singers Mela Machinko and Shinuh; HOT 97’s DJ Absolut, Glyph Award-winning comic book artist, N. Steven Harris; Greg Burnham of Tuskegee Heirs; Tim and Jim Fielder of Dieselfunk Studios; Khem Comic Book Fest founder and P.B. Soldier creator Naseed Gifted; professional basketball players, Cleanthony Early and Anali Okoloji, and a host of other influencers, artists, and creatives.

“The ultimate goal I have is to create a community that wants to celebrate Afrofuturism all the time. Not just in art, but in progressive ideologies, whether it’s in their identities or their everyday lives. We all deserve to see ourselves in media,” Hardison said.

The magazine—available in print and online—celebrates art, beauty, style, and culture for the black nerd (blerd), black feminist (womanist) and has created a Facebook page after its popular editorial, “My Superheroes Are Black!” The “My Superheroes Are Black!” Mixtape, Vol. 1 is Fabulize‘s most successful issue to date, according to the press release.

“I created Fabulize because I wanted to see and read about black and brown girls every day,” Hardison said. “When I pick up a print copy of Fabulize there are black girls and women of color on every page. It might seem short-sighted to some but it’s necessary and unfortunately, there aren’t many platforms that give us that.”

Fabulize Magazine‘s current issue features former Sen. Carol Moseley Braun, Anthony Piper, creator of Trill League, and Xmiramira, founder of The Black Simmer.

Hardison said she booked the only minority-owned theater in Brooklyn, New York, to solidify the importance of diversity.

About last night! #internetfriends #reallifefriends #wakandaforever #blackpantherblackout

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About last night, at the @blackpanther Movie opening night in Brooklyn at #KentTheater. 300 Black faces all moved by seeing our own, on film. Great work and I'll leave a deep analysis in the coming days. Just know this much, seeing this film is a visual, emotional, and spiritual experience. As we say in my community, Ryan Coogler and his crew, "they put their foot in this". There is only so much this film can do. This film does not make our community brilliant, it has shone a significant light on the brilliance we already possess. Wakanda may not be a real country, and it need not be because Africa is the very real continent that inspires it and us all. Wakanda as a figment of creation is necessary because what people are not without their mythic tales of a future, present, past fantastic? I look forward to seeing more films about the very real lands of the Orishas, the Kingdoms of Ghana, Dahomey, Timbuktu, Oyo, Ancient Egypt, Kush, Nubia, Ethiopia, etc and the countless other layers of African and African Diasporic stories that this one story cannot not tell. What we do know for certain in our hearts is that Blackness is beautiful, being an African is a gift, and that #wetoo all know to well the painful history of the manipulation and distruction that is colonialism/racism in its present and past forms. On a lighter note, Black Panther is another significant volley towards telling our stories and those stories being praised and told from our perspective. Shout out to #ErikaHardison (@FabulizeMag) and her great team over at #mysuperheroesareblack for all of the wonderful work they've done in gathering us all together. SIncerely Mr. Reed #MrReedSupports —————————————————————————————– #WakandaForever #MySuperHeroesAreBlack #fabulizemag #BlackPantherBlackOut #BlackPanther #BlackFilm #AfricanFilm #AfricaForever #BlackHistoryMonth #BlackPatherReview #BlackCinema #AfricanCinema #AfricanFilm #BlackFilm

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Mad ethnic right now...

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