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Fabulize Mag Home: Nest Fragrances are the Ultimate Luxuries for your Home


Fabulize Mag Home: Nest Fragrances are the Ultimate Luxuries for your Home

The most beautiful, alluring candles I've ever experienced

As fashion week comes to a close and your entire wardrobe has been inspired by the upcoming spring trends you might feel the need to relax a bit and with the change of the weather you might find yourself at home more. Well, if you think about decorating your home ( I do everyday) but lack the money I’m a student please send food and money ;p to truly execute the vision I have for my home I’ve become obsessed with Nest Fragrances. These are those regular, rinky, dinky candles. I’m talking if Chanel made candles (if they do let me know!) in their signature fragrances they would be the only competition for Nest Fragrances. Nest Fragrances is extremely fragrant, and it has an amazing candle power. Just out of curiosity I wanted to touch the wax and unlike other candles I’ve had the was is silky and doesn’t feel like plastic. The wick of the candle when cooled off and burnt has the effect of eyeliner! I’m not saying wear the candle, but I am saying that this is a luxurious piece to add to your home and I would love it as a gift!

The Tahiti Vanille is so dreamy! Calm and it gives a very peaceful; I actually love to sleep with it. It has a smokey vanilla aroma that helps put you to sleep.

escape in your imagination with Nest Fragrances

So I’m adding this to my Le Parfum de L’amour or The Scent of love because as I write this I’m smelling it and I haven’t even lit it yet!


Mad ethnic right now...

1 Comment

1 Comment

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