As ‘OnlyKlans’ Trends On Twitter, Now Is A Good Time To Discuss Race Play

Rumors are circulating that the rapper indulges in race play with bigots online.

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The “Moooo!” rapper was exposed for entertaining racists and incels in online chats.


Ok, this weekend has been a lot. Everybody seem to be doing too damn much. If you haven’t seen the memes and rumors surrounding the Doja Cat controversy let me catch you up. Allegedly, someone exposed Doja Cat for entertaining edgelords and racists in a number of video chats. The rumors which included video clips, screenshots and several texts painted a undesirable picture of the rapper entertaining low-brow men for fun.

There are also rumors that the biracial rapper put out a song that mocked Sandra Bland.

Since all of these allegations have come to surface, the rapper has since posted the standard notepad app apology on her Instagram and closed the comments. Like clockwork, Black Twitter had jokes and ‘OnlyKlans’ was trending in no time.

But I don’t want to take this time to talk about her actions, but I’d like to examine something that not a lot of people talk about openly when it comes to interracial relationships; race play. For those not aware, race play is when people consent to use their race as part of their sexuality. It can play out in a number of ways but it’s normalized in adult entertainment usually with Black men and white women.

One of the ways it can play out is through Black supremacy play. When Black women engage in Black supremacy race play, white men (or women) are typically submissive and cash cows. They pay Black women to dominate them and they believe that Black women are supreme to them. Whether they actually believe it or not outside of their kink is another story but these types don’t have any issues with funding Black dommes for their time. Some even like to be degraded and told that they are less than human as part of their fantasies.

But for the most part, we are somewhat familiar with the concept of race play as it relates to Black women and white men with white men playing the slavemaster role and Black women playing some love slave. We are even familiar with white women preferring Black men—with some Black men even welcoming the idea of being a fetish. In fact, there is a strong sentiment that pairs with the stereotype that Black men are well endowed. While some Black men reject the stereotype of being seen as hypermasculine and hypersexual, there are others who ravish in it. Cuckold and BBC adult flicks have always been popular mainly because they are consumed by both Black and white men.

For some Black men, race play is seen as a sort of payback that can only be achieved sexually. The goal is to make white women weak to or at the very least leave the impression that at the root of racism is sexual insecurity. For the Black men that do indulge into race play, they feel vindicated because in their eyes, they’ve converted and conquered something they think white males cherish the most—white women.

So what do I think? I believe there’s a double standard when it comes to race play regardless of my thoughts about the kink. It seems as if Black men can romanticize about race play with any non Black woman and receive little to no heat. We see it played out in entertainment and social media consistently with the propping up of exoticals, non Black women and the newest wave of praising mixed race children (the latter isn’t exclusive to Black men).

One of the nastiest words that can be hurled at a Black woman is the word bedwench. I hate it so much. It’s often used loosely to describe Black women who date and marry white men. From what I’ve gathered the word was used to describe Black women slaves who were sexual servitude to their masters. Black women who date and marry white men are not that at all no matter how unbecoming their politics might be. I also hate it because there’s not male equivalent word for white women slavemasters and Black male slaves.

Is race play anti-black? I would say yes but I also recognize sexual kinks aren’t meant to be politically correct. That’s probably why it’s such a big fantasy to people who enjoy it because perhaps they feel that they shouldn’t. Can you participate in race play and still maintain your identity with respect outside of the bedroom? Again, I would argue no but I could absolutely be wrong. I could see it working for Black dommes but that’s probably it.

Do all interracial relationships engage in race play? I don’t think so, but I think a good number of them do, especially the Black men and non Black women dynamic. I also believe that white men engage in race play with not just Black women but non white woman in general. Something about race play at its core seems violent when men are leading the kink. I’ve heard a few stories of white men seeking non white women for perverse reasonings that are mostly based on media-driven stereotypes.

So what about Doja Cat? I mean she definitely has her issues but I think the reason race play is such a big topic around the rapper now is because she doesn’t date Black men or at least not to my knowledge. Before the rumors, she was the fantasy of some Black men who prefer their women “not too Black” while donning Black girl aesthetic. While she coddles the incels and edgelords of the internet, it is safe to assume she’s comfortable in spaces where unambiguous Black women are not welcomed. That alone gives the impression that she’s comfortable in surroundings that are openly racist as a form of entertainment.

If Doja Cat were a sex worker, perhaps the race play conversation would look different. As I’ve stated before, when white males are submissive in race play, the dynamic of the kink is different even if no money is exchanged or involved. But what about white women? Does the dynamic change if they are submissive or not? No, not exactly because when Black men engage with white women who are into race play, quite a number of them are pursuing those white women for that reason. It also explains why there are so many non Black women who date Black men who have a disdain for Black women. They don’t like Black women but desire to create mixed raced children.

While I believe race play is anti-black, I understand that’s it’s not all black and white (pun intended). However, it seems as if race play is only deemed problematic when Black women or mixed women are involved. We seemingly accept race play and normalize it when Black men are willing to be mandingos to white and non Black women —hell, they even brag about on their social and dating profiles. But women aren’t granted that same curve when they participate in the kink. At the end of the day, women even when they oblige to participate in a particular kink are still seen as mere property or unable to fully explore their own fantasies without male approval.


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